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Pinewood Derby Days

It’s that time again! The time when we drive ourselves crazy trying to turn a block of wood into the fastest car possible. This year isn’t nearly as stressful as past years have been… yet. The boys are older now and we have a lot of experience at this point. Here are the boys cars from past years. Aidan’s (of course):


And Dane’s:


This is what we start with:

20150110_112224 Once the cars are built we race them down a metal track where they are powered only by gravity. It is so much fun.


We love this race. It is a great time to teach the boys (or review at this point) the physics concepts of gravity, friction and momentum. We talk about aerodynamic body designs and how to maximize the potential energy of the cars by strategically adding weight. We talk a lot about friction. Now that they are older, the boys get to use power tools and spray paint. Then on race day they get to show off their work.

There are a lot of ways to cheat at this race, but in our Cub Scout Pack, we stick to the rules. There are quite a few of them too!


The boys cars are well under way now. They have cut and sanded them.



And they are now painted. They just have to add the weight and the wheels and they are ready to go! I can’t wait to show you their cars after race day! We do have the tricky part ahead of us. This is always the toughest part for us.


We are hoping for a little luck with this one! This year I decided to make a car of my own to race in the non Scout division. Since the boys are old enough to make their cars on their own, this gives me an opportunity to still be involved. 😉

Dane has basketball and he and I both have soccer on the day of the derby. It will be a busy day.



2015-01-12 23.06.37

It’s Monday run day. I am so happy to be back out there. The rain didn’t bother me at all. I hope I can keep going.


So, I am wondering, have you ever made a pinewood derby car?

Physics and Fun

The theme this weekend seemed to be physics, although I’m not sure the boys would describe it that way.  Today they experienced gravity and the laws of motion on the rides at Great Adventure.  Dane was brave and rode every roller coaster he could, thanks to Uncle John.  There is no way I am getting on those!



We had another physics lesson this weekend at the Cub Scout Rocket Derby.  At this event the boys build soda bottle rockets and then launch them.  The rockets use water and pressurized air to launch them hundreds of feet high.  Last year the rockets reached over 300 feet in the air!  After launching, the boys compare which designs and water levels performed the best.  It is so much fun watching them launch!

rocket physics Rocket building rocket launching

Since we have no choice but to accept that summer is ending, we decided to get some of our favorites in again this weekend.  Tonight we watched a beautiful sunset on the bay.

sunset on the bay2

Then had lobster bisque at Chowda in Bay Village.


We had another special dinner this weekend for my dad’s birthday.  We went out for one of his favorites – shrimp parm.  It was a very fun night.  Happy Birthday!

birthday dinner 3 So, I am wondering, how was your weekend?  Did you eat anything wonderful?


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