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I won!

Look! I won the half price entry to the Perfect 10 race!


That really made my day on Friday. Well, that and the fact that so many of us were available at the exact same time to grab a juice at Schwee Tea.

2015-02-20 15.36.29-1

My luck continued because today has been a pretty great day too. It started early with coaching Futsal – I finally got coach’s shirts in a ladies cut. ūüėČ

BlurImage(21-2-2015 9-27-28)

Then on to Dane’s basketball game (he is on an¬†another great¬†team this season – wonderful coach and undefeated with one game to go) with Aidan and my parents and we ended the day at an ice festival!

It’s almost race season! The Central Park Half Marathon is tomorrow and that officially kicked off race season for me last year.

group park1

Sadly, I have another commitment this year (which will be fun, but I will miss Central Park), so I’ll be starting a little later. But I am getting excited! Especially since I basically missed all of my fall races. Good news! I am registered for the only race I ran last fall – the Perfect 10 Miler. This race is for women only and they really spoil you. :-)

A friend recently told me that she saw me on the video for the Wildwood Half Marathon from last year. It looks like their drone ran the race with us! I finally checked it out and sure enough I am at the very end of the video, post race. This video really makes you feel like you are there again.


Now if only it would get a little warmer outside…

So, I am wondering, what races will you run this year?

A Few Good Things About Cold Weather

Cold outside

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it is really cold outside! Twelve degrees when I was driving home tonight! I’m not really a fan of any weather below 20 degrees because that is usually my lower limit for outside running. But I have discovered there are a few benefits to the cold weather.


I ran on the treadmill again today. The amazing thing is that I hardly remember it at all! An hour and a half flew by as I streamed a movie on my iPad. Multitasking! Plus, my leg feels 100% fine on the treadmill, so it is probably a good idea to run here while it is so cold outside.


Yesterday we made our weekly trek into Philly and had an unexpected cold weather perk there too. The parking kiosk was actually frozen and not working! Free parking! Hey, you have to look at the bright side sometimes.


I have to toss in here that heated seats in the car are pretty awesome. They heat up really fast while you are waiting for the regular heat to kick in. I wish the boys had them in the back seat.

BlurImage(19-2-2015 11-14-19)

Every morning our lemon tree reminds me of summer.¬†It’s not doing too badly inside. So here’s to looking at the bright side for now and looking ahead to¬†a fantastic summer.


Registration for the Perfect 10 Miler race opens tonight. :-). Definitely worth staying up until midnight. Are you registering?

So, I am wondering, what are your favorite things about winter?

Choose Strength

she believed she could

For many of us January is a time to reflect on the past year, figure out what we liked about it and decide how we can change what we didn’t like about it. It’s the time to set our intentions for the year ahead. Runners are usually big believers in mantras and I am no exception. These key phrases help you keep your focus and motivation during races and tough training days. I believe they work equally as well in every day life.


Last year my favorite running mantra was Never Regret A Run. This helped remind me on cold January mornings that I am literally always happy that I went out for a run. Can you see it on my bib from the Perfect 10 race? This ended up being an ironic bib choice I made months earlier since I ran this race with a stress fracture – and it is still one of my favorite races ever.

never regret bib

never regret a run

Perfect 10 Miler 10.26.14

Here¬†is another great mantra that we may forget from time to time. It’s not always an easy one to make, but strength is a choice.

strength is a choice

Whatever positive affirmation works for you, remind yourself each day that you are strong, you are worthy, you are powerful. It will make a big difference in your outlook.

Speaking of strong, powerful people, I caught up with Melissa and Eileen today and one of the cutest kids ever. There is never enough time when we get together. We leave texting each other all of the things we didn’t get to chat about.


So, I am wondering, what is your mantra for 2015?

The Night Before Race Day

Twas the night before race day, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a chiuhuahua;

My superwoman running gear was laid out with care,

In hopes that a medal would soon be worn there.

Perfect 10 shirt

The children were sleeping over in Nana’s and Popop’s beds;

While visions of extra dessert and a movie danced in their heads.

I had picked up my race bib and fancy new jacket;


The Expo was fun, but boy what a racket!

I finally purchased those cool Brooks sleeves;

The ones we hunted for last race eve!

We wandered around and what did I see;

The throne, reserved especially for me! (Well, not just me.  My running club)


We chatted with friends about the usual things;

Where would we meet?  Who is driving?  What time should we leave?

10 friends

With everything settled we said our goodbyes;

And hunted for carbohydrates to keep us revived.

Now we are settled all snug in our beds;

With visions of race day fun running through our heads.

The alarm has been set to ring in just a few hours!

I hope the sun will chase away these rain showers.

Tomorrow we will be super;  a Perfect 10;

Next year I am sure we will all do it again!

10 sign

Good luck to all of my girls running tomorrow!¬† The Perfect 10 Miler girls, The 18 Mile girls and my very brave Atlantic City Marathon girl!¬† Good luck also to my Tough Mudder friends.¬† As my 9 year old would say, “Tomorrow will be epic!”

So, I am wondering, have you run a race?  Would you try one?




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