Sometimes we take the good with the bad and this last weekend was exactly that for me. Luckily there was more good than bad. My property law professor in law school, Paula Franzese, always told us that “To finish the race is to win the race.” (By the way, how cool is it that she has her own Wikipedia page?) A great Monday morning finish is coffee with the girls.

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I swear Jeannette and I did not plan on wearing almost the same shirt. 😉

We celebrated a finish line for my sweet nephew this weekend who got his spica cast off during the week. He is such a trooper and so are my brother and sister in law!  Can you tell they were happy?


It was a great reason to get everyone together too. My mom made the cutest spica cast centerpieces!


Are you surprised that there were Nerf wars in the backyard with “boys” of all ages?


Aidan just loves his little cousin.


I did manage to get a run in, which always makes me smile. It was pretty muddy but I was determined to get back on the trail. Sometimes it is fun to have obstacles to jump over.


I was pretty frustrated when I realized I stopped my Runkeeper early! Ahh. I know my fellow runners can sympathize. It was pretty symbolic of my weekend though – the good with the bad.

We finished Sunday up with Scouts. Aidan has his last Cub Scout meeting next weekend before he becomes a boy scout. Another finish line. He is excited.


So, I am wondering, what do you pack your kids for lunch?