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Race Prep – Take 2

It’s like Christmas for me lately – 2 races in 2 weekends! Today was packet pick-up for the April Fools half marathon this weekend.


The boys and I met Tara and her crew in Atlantic City to get our gear and have some fun.

Giant blender

It’s practically a rule that you have to pose with the giant blender when you are at Margaritaville. You can tell that the kids didn’t have any fun at all…


Our version of carb loading for a half is watching the kids eat fries and nachos! We loved the fish tacos though.


Since it’s race weekend I think I will wear clothes that are as close to pajamas as possible. That’s a good excuse, right?


One last run before Sunday.

BlurImage(10-4-2015 10-58-39)

Tomorrow is soccer day! Soccer shots in the morning and our travel team has our first game in the afternoon. I am excited. I hope the boys have fun.

So, I am wondering, what are you up to this weekend?

Perfect 10

It was a beautiful day for a race today! The Perfect 10 Miler was the last of my fall races that I was signed up for and I just couldn’t bear to miss it. I know my leg was not fully recovered so I dropped down from the 10 mile race to the 5k. This was Melissa’s first race back after having her beautiful boy 3 months ago.


We always have so much fun running together. I realized after the race that the last 5k I ran was over a year ago (remember I took a year off of 5ks?) and Melissa and I ran that together too.

So many of my SOL Sisters ran this race too. Race day with these girls is an amazing experience. We have the best time meeting at someone’s house way before dawn, driving hours to our race and spending the morning together.


We give each other confidence before the race, chat with each other on the course and cheer everyone on as the they come through the finish line.


Today I was lucky enough to take second place in my age group and have my boys there to cheer me on. My girls stayed for the awards too. Can you tell how sunny it was?


Here is my race bling – finisher medal and place medal. :)


I think the socks Tara gave me brought me luck. And my mantra is still true. I never regret a run – even with an injury. It’s ironic because I chose to put it on my bib almost a year ago!


The food after the race was amazing again this year.


Melissa and I went to packet pick up yesterday to collect our gear. Somehow we ended up at a crew race first? Why is GPS so challenging sometimes?


But we made it there eventually.


And then home in time for our soccer game. The Hurricanes played awesome for another win. Only one more game to go this season.


I probably won’t be running again for a while after this weekend, but for me, it was totally worth it.

So, I am wondering, does your town trick or treat on Halloween or on another day?

Getting Ready

The boys and I took a trip to Revel last night for packet pick-up for this weekend’s race.  The shirts are pretty nice this year! 

april fools wknd 001


 The boys love seeing all the crazy sights at the casino.  Dane especially loved the giant red chairs.

april fools wknd 007 april fools wknd 008

Once we had sat in every chair at Revel we headed to Tropicana for the Magic and Mayhem magic show. http://www.atlanticcitynj.com/events/details.aspx?id=2370   It is very family friendly and the boys loved it.  Both boys went on stage to participate and Aidan got to dress up like Harry Potter!  Too bad they don’t let you take any pictures.  They are very serious about this rule!  I guess we would figure out the magic tricks?  We did get a picture after the show with Joe Holiday, the magician.

april fools wknd 014

Today was a fun day of baseball pictures and practice and our first soccer game. 

april fools wknd 016

Except I didn’t get any pictures of the soccer game!  It is tough to coach and take pictures at the same time.  I am excited for a great season with the Lightning Bombers though.  Now if only the away fields would be a little bit easier to find.  I mean who would expect the fields to be behind a compost facility! 

We are off to a dinner of lots of pasta.

So, I am wondering, how is your weekend going?


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