Apparently this winter is never going to end. Even though it is very pretty to wake up to falling snow, I would give just about anything for a warm summer day on the beach right now. There are only two things I can think of to get through this weather – knitting soft, warm scarves in bright colors and running.


It’s been a while since I have knitted consistently. The truth is there just isn’t time to sit still for that long. But I was amazingly early to pick the boys up the other day and ran into the store for some yarn. The bright colors in this yarn are so cheerful and it is so soft! I was surprised at how much I have missed it. Hopefully I can make time for some easy projects while the weather is bad. Knitting and cold weather just go together.


Of course running is the other thing that will cheer you up in the winter. It’s not just the “runner’s high” either. Being outside in the sunlight really does make you a happier person. It’s not that easy to get out there though! I love this picture. Every time I see a long open stretch of road I want to run. You have to love the salt lines on the road too!

Deciding what to wear to run in the winter isn’t that easy because you are always cold when you are not running. Once you start, you will warm up – I promise! I spent the morning before my run thinking about how cold it is outside and made the classic mistake of overdressing. (By the way – it is not that easy to run with a double layer of fleece lined pants on!) I ended up taking off a top layer and a bottom layer halfway through!  So here is a guide for your next run (and mine too!).


There are days, especially in the winter, when you think you might not want to go for a run. (Craziness!!!!) But in all honesty, once you get started you will be glad you went. #neverregretarun

remember why you run

This is the absolute truth. It is also the way to start loving running (well, unless you are marathon training).

run more often

Need more reasons to run? Definitely try running in the rain – in the summer. You will feel like a kid again.


Guess what? I get to see my soccer team tomorrow. :-) We are starting team practices and I can’t wait to see them all!

So, I am wondering, what’s your favorite thing to do to get through the rest of the winter?