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April Fool’s Pranks for Kids

April Fool’s Day breakfast is always fun at our house. When the boys were little I put their plastic play food at the table for breakfast and they thought it was hilarious. Since then, April Fool’s is all about breakfast in our house. It’s a fun way to start the day and I get the first prank in before school. ūüėČ We have done frozen cereal, pudding milk, icing sandwiches. This year on deck are the peach and yogurt¬†egg (except I might use lemon curd for the yolk – we’ll see) and jello juice. (Don’t tell them!)

peach egg prankjello juice

I’ll send in a wormy apple for lunch. Maybe with some extra worms for fun.

gummy worm apple prank

Two holidays in one week is just about all I can take. I have soo much to get done for Easter before my race on Saturday! But it’s all good stuff. This year we found a nighttime egg hunt for older kids. It was the best idea! The kids loved hunting for the eggs at night and no one had to worry about the little kids not getting eggs. We had to bribe them with froyo to leave after their baskets were spilling over with eggs.

Egg hunt

Jeannette and I made time for an awesome run today to decompress a bit after a crazy weekend.

Running buddies

It started with a scrimmage. Check out my awesome soccer team. The Hurricanes are back together and I am so excited for another great season with these boys.


Now that the weather is supposed to be warming up, Nerf Wars are back in session too.

Nerf war-1

Dane and I went bike riding while Aidan was capturing the flag.

Bike riding

I swear I do shower and wash my hair.


The boys caught up with their Scout buddies this weekend to work on the video game pin. We really had to twist their arms for this one….

Video game pin

And guess who got a cell phone? He’s just a little happy about it.

Aidans first phone

My mom and dad had us to dinner tonight. My mom made a delicious salad that I will share the recipe for when I remember to get it from her.

Mexican salad

Thanks guys!

trolley 1

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite April Fool’s prank?

Your Mission:


Some days we forget how lucky we are. For me, today is not that day. Even when life gets super busy I have great friends and family to share it with. We started today my favorite way – a snowy run with the girls.


It is pretty cold out there! It is tough to get motivated to get out of the house. That is when it is especially good to be meeting friends. Once you get into the first mile,¬†it doesn’t feel¬†cold anymore.


Nerf wars won out again tonight. The boys ran into friends and had a blast.

BlurImage(31-1-2015 0-10-51)-1

In case you were wondering, froyo is not just for summer. Since I am eating healthy lately I restrained myself and didn’t finish the boys’ yogurt that they probably each took one bite out of. For me, that’s willpower!

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite froyo flavor?

– tonight I had mint and peanut butter with a little hot fudge!


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