Today looked absolutely nothing like we planned, and that’s ok. It ended up being a great day anyway.

BlurImage(6-3-2015 3-21-8)

Today was supposed to be school, a long run, soccer practice with my team and camping at the Philadelphia Zoo. And all of them were cancelled for snow! Well running wasn’t cancelled, but the boys were home. We decided to just go with it.


So after rescheduling the zoo trip, we went out to have some fun with friends in the snow.


This is a great crew! They scout together, play sports together, are in the same classes, and always have fun together.


Since this is our last snow (according to me, anyway!) we had to get some good snowboarding and sledding in.


Photo bombing is one of these guys’¬†favorites.¬† The only way to get a real picture of them anymore is to promise a photo bomb at the end. Lol.


I did manage to squeeze a quick run in at the end of the day.


I’m looking forward to seeing these guys again soon.