Camping with our Cub Scout Pack is an experience our boys will never forget.  We had just under 200 people camping with us this weekend at our local Boy Scout campground.  This site is amazing.  It has 9 campsites along with a beautiful lake, beach, archery and rifle ranges, a parade field and an outdoor stage area.  It is a full immersion “back to nature, back to scouting” experience and the boys can’t get enough of it.

wood fort

And who can blame them?  They get to do all of the “boy” things they dream of with their great friends ALL WEEKEND!!  Talk about a sleepover!  Our theme this year was Minecamp 2013.  It seems all of the boys at camp, even those not camping with our group, love Minecraft.

D shirt

After a camp style dinner and skits, the boys kicked off their weekend with a “creeper hunt” – fully equipped with Minecraft torches.

A Torch

DC Torch

The fun continued the next day with Minecraft themed games.  There was an involved Minecraft obstacle course where the boys had to go through game-like adventures, a scavenger hunt for Minecraft chests, a mining for gems adventure,

D Mining 1

a Minecraft bean bag toss, the creeper face and skeleton face puzzles,

puzzle game

and a Minecraft animal round up.

pig game

Fishing was fun, as always.  The lake is beautiful and the boys all love fishing.  It is a tournament of sorts – prizes for biggest and smallest fish caught.  All of the fish are released, which makes us moms happy.

D fishing pole

A fishing pole

My guy even caught his first fish!  It was very exciting, as you can imagine.  I am forever grateful to the person who took the fish off his hook!  Not my thing!

A fish

We all tried our hand at archery this trip – even me!  That is, after a lengthy lesson on archery safety (lol).

A archery

A archery shot

My little guy got a bull’s-eye!

D Archery

The older boys received a lesson in fire making that really made their day.  In scouts, only certain older boys who have passed a test are allowed to make the fire.  So this was a big deal for them.


The surprise hit of the weekend was a game new to most of the boys called “GaGa ball.”  You can find a description of the game here:  and also here:  It is kind of like dodge ball, but much safer.  My guy won his first round.

A ga ga

Ga Ga Pit

My favorite was the movie in the woods, which included our traditional movie “Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and this year “Wreck It, Ralph.”  We have a big fire and roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate while we watch the movies.

It was a great trip.  The boys are already asking about our next camping trip!  It takes a lot of effort to make a trip like this happen.  I want to say a big thank you to all of those people who put this trip together for our boys.


So, I am wondering, do you camp with your family or are you more of a hotel person?