My boys are making me proud!  Today Aidan was honored as Student of the Month for September!  It was a complete surprise to him.  He didn’t even know he was having an assembly today.  Nana, Dane and I were already seated in the Arts Center when his class marched in.  Boy was he surprised to see us!  It was a happy morning.


Then Dane came home from school with his fall class pictures.  He is so handsome!  And getting big!

Dane Fall 2013

Invisible Ink

Our most recent Cub Scout meeting was about secret messages and codes.  It is a really fun theme that the boys love.  We talked about Morse code and how it was actually used to send secret messages.  The history and lack of technology fascinated them.  They used flashlights to send Morse code messages to each other.

We also wrote secret messages using “invisible” ink.  In one method the boys wrote messages in white crayon on white paper and passed them to a friend.  Their friend then used a paint marker to reveal the secret message.


In the second method, the secret messages were written in milk on white paper using a paintbrush.  Once completely dry, the boys ironed the papers and the secret messages were revealed.  This is what the messages looked like before the milk was dry.

secretmsg5 secretmsg4This is what the messages looked like after being ironed.  Believe it or not, the boys got a kick out of ironing too!  If you want to do this project, here is a hint: the more milk you use to write the message, the better it will show up once ironed.  It is a fun project.

Secret msg1So, I am wondering, what do you pack your kids for lunch?