me & A

Happy Memorial Day!  We had another amazing time at the annual Cub Scout Family Picnic!  The rain held out for us and the games were so much fun.  I took on this project kind of at the last minute, so I am super relieved it came together so well.  It would never have turned out so well without the help of all of our parent volunteers. Thank you!

Here are the boys getting ready for the sac race.

sac race

They were jumping like crazy!  At least one of my boys has definitely inherited the competitive spirit!


Next was the water balloon toss.  The boys gradually move further and further apart and have to catch the balloon without breaking it.  It was double elimination and Dane and Chris won first place!  Aidan and Nick were in the semi-finals, but the second elimination got them.  Thanks so much to the guys who filled 350 water balloons!  Crazy!

water balloom toss

The sponge tube relay is always fun.  The boys squeeze a sponge to fill up two tall tubes.  The lake water is not my favorite, but the boys don’t care.  The wetter the better.

Sponge Tube Relay

The pie eating contest is another fun time.  Guess who came in first again?  I swear, Dane finished his in like 2 seconds.

pie eating contest

I hope you had a great Memorial Day too!  We are off to see the Red Bulls soccer game.  😉

happy memorial Day