First of all, I have a guest blogger tonight.  Fezziwig insists he has something to add and keeps walking on the keyboard.  Good thing he is cute.  Big dogs are man’s best friend, but the little ones are just for us girls.  I know my friend Margie would agree.  You should see her cutie!

me & fez

I am getting really excited for the Wild Half this weekend.  Apparently there are less than 2 days and 8 hours until I will be freezing at the starting line with my great friends, hoping my Garmin gets a location and dying to break out of the crowd and start running.  Sounds like fun, right?


There is nothing like the fun and excitement of a race with a bunch of friends.  Jeannette and I are heading down to packet pickup tomorrow :) .  Although it is sometimes tough to fit more than one day of race activities into your schedule, I love it when we can.  I was going to take it easy at this one since I met my time goal in Atlantic City, but who knows?  Some friends are looking for a PR and I will probably stick with them.

course map ww

And really what is not to enjoy when the entire course is along the beach?  I have not run this race previously and I am hoping it is as good as I think it is going to be.  We even get to run across two of the little bridges!  Let’s hope the weather holds out.  The only time it is not fun running at the beach is when there are gale force winds – like at the NJ Marathon last year.  Not good.  But it is supposed to be perfect weather this weekend – partly sunny and 65 degrees.  Now all that is left is figuring out what to wear!

By the way, have you tried these?  They are so good!  Yes, I ate the entire 1.5 pounds in one day.



So, I am wondering, do you race in the summer?