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A Winter Beach and More Elf Fun

This time of year is so crazy and we all need to unwind every now and then. Usually this would mean running for me, but I’m not quite back to that yet. So today I decided to head over to the beach for a little while to steal some of the peace that always seems to exist there. It worked.


It was such a beautiful day and there is just something about the beach that makes you feel happy and calm.


I especially love the beach in the morning when it is not crowded with people. Of course, running on the island is pretty great too so I drove to one of my favorite running spots – Barnegat Light.


The poor seagulls looked cold today. It was still awesome to hear them.


Our Sammy has been having fun at our house. Hanging around in our stockings is a favorite activity of his.


The boys were thrilled that he also likes to play Skylanders.


I guess he was well rested, because he decided to make mini gingerbread men for the boys too! (I may have some other baking he can do.)

BlurImage(19-12-2014 0-21-2)

Aidan had his class party today. It was quite an event with a chocolate fountain and everything!


He came home with a favorite book and I got a new ornament for the tree. :)


Let’s hope the rest of the season goes as well as today.



So, I am wondering, how do you relax during the holidays?

Beach Sunsets

Every summer the boys and I make sure we see at least one sunset and one sunrise on the beach.

Lighthouse sunset

We picked a good night for it!

lighthouse sunset 1

There was actually a bonfire and a band too, but the sunset might have been the biggest attraction.  We went with our good friends and the boys had a blast playing football and climbing on the rocks.

kids lighthouse 1

This is what happens when you give boys s’mores.

kids smores.JPG

kids smores 1.JPG

Melissa and I got to catch up while Paul played with the boys.  Thanks Paul!

C&M Selfie1

Isn’t this a crazy picture?

ice cream 2

The weekend actually started for me with a long run.

12 miles

run views

While the boys baked cookies and blueberry pound cake with Nana.

Nana A&D.JPG

Then we had a delicious lunch at Nana’s house.  This actually has quinoa, hummus, spinach, kale, edamame, black beans and tomatoes in it!  So yummy!


We ended the weekend with a walk in the park.  Well, Fezzy walked most of it.

Dog Walk

dog walk 1

So, I am wondering, did you see Transformers this weekend?  Did you like it?

Catch Up

Life got crazier this week!  Yikes!  So it is one of those times where I am just going to do my best to keep up.  I will post a race recap soon though.  Here are the boys and I after I got home.  They had a fabulous time at the boardwalk with Nana and Popop while I was away and apparently won every prize there.

post race

But here is a bit of catch up on what we have been up to:

Sunday after the race we met a bunch of friends to take the boys bowling (yes, they are all boys!).  The boys had fun and I was immensely grateful when I realized we were ordering pizza there for dinner!  There was pretty much no way I was cooking on Sunday.


Bowling D

Monday was sports day – soccer and baseball.  😉


Today Dane had his class trip to the lighthouse.  One of the benefits of where we live is that the kids get to take class trips to the beach.  This is one of the best.  They have a scavenger hunt and climb the lighthouse and picnic.  The weather was perfect.  I am sad I had to miss this one.  Thanks for the great pics Sandy!

D lighthouse trip1

lighthouse collage

At least I got to have this awesome salad for lunch.  This might be worth the drive into Philadelphia itself!


A little reminder.


And a little inspiration, courtesy of Deirdre.  Couldn’t come at a better time.  Thanks Deirdre!

be strong

So, I am wondering, what do you do to get through life’s busy times?

12 Miles Done Right

It’s hard to believe that the weather interfered with the one day this week the boys were supposed to have a full day!  And I was counting on today for my 13 mile training run!  We made the best of it and slept in a little and then enjoyed making more Valentine’s Day cards.  (We were one of the lucky ones who received a text message of the delayed opening so we didn’t get up!)

valentines collage

Once both boys were in school I only had a little over 2 hours before pick up.  Time to head out for a run.  We are so lucky to live where we do for many reasons, but one of them is 18 miles of scenic, flat running.  So I headed to the island to try and get 13 miles in.  It was even a couple of degrees warmer there!  (Still below 30, but I’ll take it!)  The snow was beautiful on the beach.

snowy beach

Unlike the 10 mile run that sent me for an afternoon nap last week, I planned this long run.  That means I went to bed at a decent hour last night and had half a bagel before my run.  I also brought water with me on my run.  (I would like to tell you I drank a lot of water before my run, but I just can’t forgo coffee in the morning!  Especially before a long run!)  So after 8 miles I was not feeling tired at all.  Thank goodness!  That run last week had me a little nervous!


At about 8 miles my garmin battery died and I realized what time it was.  There was really no way for me to get 13 miles in without missing pick up for Aidan.  : (  Ugh!  I really wanted to finish 13.  But it was a beautiful day and I was feeling good, so I just enjoyed the rest of my run.  How could you not enjoy this?

snowy beach collage

I finished at 12 and quickly made my way to Aidan’s school (no shower – gross!)  I told Aidan I didn’t finish and he said, “Mom, 12 miles is really good.”  Such a sweetie.  We are lucky to have our kids to give us perspective sometimes.  So although I didn’t reach my goal, it was a great run and made for a great day.  I followed it up with a protein recovery shake and am happy to report there was no napping necessary today.

12 miles

So, I am wondering, how many more times is it going to snow this year!?


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