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Summer’s Coming


It was such a beautiful weekend here!

Bay run

Perfect weather for running – sunny, but not too hot. It’s a good thing too, since I realized my next race is 2 weeks away and I have only run a bunch of sixes lately! Oops. So I headed out to some of my favorite areas after Saturday soccer. This weather is making me really excited for summer. Kind of like this song.


The second worst thing about having a stress fracture in the fall was not being able to play soccer with my guys. (I’m sure you can guess the first worst! No running = no fun). And even though I have been back running for a while, I still have not been able to take more than a couple of shots on my keeper. These things take time, I guess. But on Saturday after Soccer Shots the boys and I hung out at the fields for a while and I was able to take shots on Dane in goal like it was nothing. :-) We had such a great time. I forgot how special those times with my guy are.

My Hurricanes had a great game this weekend! We were down a few players to a nasty virus and my guys had us sweating it out in the first half. The second half was all ours though. They came away with a nice win. I hope they have as much fun with it as I do! Here are some of my guys after the game. (No, we don’t play games with those goals.)

Hurricanes goal 

We had a lot to celebrate this weekend. My nephew won first place for his Arbor Day poem. Nice job!

Arbor Day

We went to his favorite restaurant to celebrate – hibachi! The kids in our family have great taste. 😉


With so much going on, we have missed spending time with our family lately. It was so nice to hang out with them!



Hope you had a great weekend too.

Just Go With It

Today looked absolutely nothing like we planned, and that’s ok. It ended up being a great day anyway.

BlurImage(6-3-2015 3-21-8)

Today was supposed to be school, a long run, soccer practice with my team and camping at the Philadelphia Zoo. And all of them were cancelled for snow! Well running wasn’t cancelled, but the boys were home. We decided to just go with it.


So after rescheduling the zoo trip, we went out to have some fun with friends in the snow.


This is a great crew! They scout together, play sports together, are in the same classes, and always have fun together.


Since this is our last snow (according to me, anyway!) we had to get some good snowboarding and sledding in.


Photo bombing is one of these guys’ favorites.  The only way to get a real picture of them anymore is to promise a photo bomb at the end. Lol.


I did manage to squeeze a quick run in at the end of the day.


I’m looking forward to seeing these guys again soon.

Catch Up

We are home!  There really is no place like home, but we have been quite busy getting settled back in.  This is what we have been up to.

Saying goodbye to our favorite hotel and the delicious omelets made to order every morning!


It was sad to leave our extended family, but we had a great visit. Fezzy had to say goodbye to his friends too and his walk with a view.


Our weather delay coming home turned into a free throw contest for the kids. Guess who won? Surprise, surprise!



It was amazing to see all of the fall colors when we got home.


We were right back into things once we were home with a birthday party and a soccer game.

20141109_230705 This was our last soccer game of the season and we were playing the only team that had beaten us.


It was an exciting game.


We won! The boys celebrated with pretzels and root beer and medals.


One of the perks of coaching is getting to reward the boys for all of their hard work.


Then we got to catch up with our crew over dinner at Nana’s and Popop’s house.





So, I am wondering, are you in favor of daylight savings time or would you rather not have it?

The Best of Both Worlds

It’s still summer here, but not by much.  School and fall activities are creeping in and disrupting our summer schedule.  It’s ok though.  For a little while we get the best of both worlds.  Beach days and soccer nights and still no homework!  Here are a few pictures of my soccer team.  Well, the ones that came to practice early.  These boys will make you smile.


The boys are still having fun spending time with their friends on the beach too.  I love it that our kids do the same things on the beach that we did as kids.  And now I understand why my mom would never let us take our sand crab pets home!

beach buds

Hurricane season is here and the water is getting rough.  Our surfer friends are loving it.  The kids here know all about rip tides and ocean water safety.  They learn to respect the ocean at an early age.

rough waves

We finally went shopping for school supplies today.  The boys were thrilled.  Lol.  As a consolation I let the boys choose where we went to lunch.


At the beginning of 2014 I set a running goal of reaching 1,000 miles this year.  It seemed like a reach at the time, but doable.  Now I am not so sure I am going to make it!  I do have a few distance races coming up…

running goal

It’s totally OK to just get around to your chocolate Easter bunnies at the end of August, right?

Easter bunny candy

So, I am wondering, what are your running goals for this year?


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