I am back to running in circles.  For miles…and miles.  I guess it could be worse – I could be on a treadmill, right?  With less than two weeks until the start of school my boys are with me ALL THE TIME right now.  I will miss this when they start school.  But with camps over and no available sitter they come with me on my run.  I am lucky enough to have a great park with two playgrounds and a mile track less than a mile from my house.  So the boys play on the playground, ride their bikes and scooter and enjoy some freedom while I run the track.  We wave each time I pass them.  My sweet boys.

Playground Crop

This is the park where I used to run before I started adding distance.  It is a great track, actually.  There are a number of hills, a great breeze and even some shady spots.  It`s fun to see the “regulars” again too.  Do you have “regulars” on your runs?  On this track I often see my friend Cathy running and my friend Dennis who is retired and always walking his gentle blue merle Great Dane named Blue.  Sometimes we just call greetings to each other as we pass and other times (like today) we stop and chat for a bit.  And when I am done running I can count on my guys to have picked dandelions for me.  : )  Our special thing.  Yellow is my favorite color.


Hope your day is off to a great start.

dandelion smile

So, I am wondering do you have regulars on your route?  Do you chat with them?