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Getting Back Outside

The weather has finally caught up with the season and we are spending as much time outside as we can. My soccer guy is loving it.


It’s great to be able to get some good practice time in before our game this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Of course you can’t really beat Soccer Shots by the lake in the morning. It is so pretty! The younger kids are very cute too. I am getting lots of hugs and flowers and excited happy faces.

Soccer shots park program

Aidan is such a good sport about coming to all of our soccer activities. It’s a good thing he is our team scorekeeper now.

My Aidan

Sometimes it’s hard to get one on one time with your kids. Aidan and I got some quality time in on our trip to Philly this week. We had the best chats. :-)


The girls and I decided the lake is a good place to run this week too. I’m taking it easy with mileage after a busy running week last week.


I love running with the girls. We talk about everything and since I just follow them, I barely even know where we ran. It’s hard to believe we ran 5 miles when we are done because it goes so fast!

Cub Scout camping and lots of soccer coming up this weekend. What about you?

Never Regret…

Today I did the one thing that I am excited to do each and every time – I went running.  It doesn’t matter whether I am in a bad mood, tired, unmotivated, the weather is terrible or I have a million other “important” things waiting for me when I am done.  I NEVER REGRET A RUN.  So today, on National Runner’s Day, I made time to run with some of my girls on the trail.

run selfie 1

And guess what?  It did what a run always does for me.  It made me happy.  Running makes me happy when I am with my friends and when I am running by myself.  Some days it is tougher than others to get started, but it is always great once I get there.  Even when it isn’t.  So my advice is – whether it is running or something else – find your passion, your inspiration, your center.  The thing that grounds you and makes you a better you.

run collage

Another thing I never regret is being involved in my boys’ lives.  We are so lucky to be able to influence our kids’ perspective and growth.  I finally have some soccer pictures to share!  Here is Dane at goalkeeper training.

soccer keep

soccer keeper1

We had Cub Scouts tonight and we taught the boys marbles games.  I never realized how fun these games are!  Good, old fashioned fun – no electronics.

scouts marbles2 scouts marbles

It was a good day.  I hope yours was too.

D scouts

So, I am wondering, what do you never regret doing?


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