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How to Avoid Running Injuries

Let’s be honest, injuries are just not fun. If you are a runner you have probably had at least one running related injury though, whether it was a minor shin splint or something major. The key of course is to avoid the injury before it happens. Since most running injuries are overuse injuries, we actually can prevent them. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Avoiding running injuries

I feel very strongly that if you follow these, you will be much less likely to get injured from running. Some of them are tough to follow though!

5 miles

It is such a pretty time of year to run – new discoveries and little friends everywhere.


Soccer Sunday was a great day. My Hurricanes left it all on the field against the number one team and came away with a very respectable loss.

My keeper

We basically left the game and headed straight to goalkeeper training. Can you tell he loves it? There was some excitement while we were there. I guess open fields are a safe place for medical transport helicopters.


Aidan and I kicked the ball around for a while.

My guy

It’s that time of year when I get my favorite flower often. :-) I love dandelions – they are my favorite color and they are usually given to you with no strings attached, just because the person appreciates you and wants to make you happy. What more could you ask for? This year I am getting them from my sweet boys and my soccer shots kids! Bonus!

My favorite

For the record, if you see me around town in these, they are not pajamas!!!  I swear. My boys are not so sure. But since they are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn, I am still going to wear them.

Not pajamas

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite flower?

Race for A Cure

Today we celebrated a great friend’s birthday at hot yoga. I’m so glad she suggested this. It has been too long since we have all seen each other and it has been way too long since I have been to yoga. I forgot that yoga is great for meditation as well as a great workout.  Plus, it’s always fun to hang out with the girls.


Yoga is great for runners because it helps so much with flexibility and preventing running injuries.  Believe it or not, we can do all of these.


But at the end, when it is time for “regular” stretching, we are not so good.  We were cracking up today because there was no way our line of runners could get our legs straight enough to do what the instructor was telling us. 😉

I have decided to run just one 5k this year. I know, I was taking a year off of 5ks, but this is for a really good cause. It is the Susan G. Komen Race for A Cure 5k. I am running it in honor of a dear friend of mine who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She is so strong and brave. I wish so much that I could do more to help her with this battle.


Tonight was goalkeeper training. Here is my guy in action.


And here is his crew.  (Aidan was too busy hanging out with friends at the field for pictures tonight.)


So, I am wondering, how will you support breast cancer awareness month in October?

A Tough Run

Today I had a tough run.  First of all, it was Monday and I never have my best run of the week on a Monday.  Strange, right?  Is anyone else like this?  But I had to get my long run in today, so off I went for 10 miles.  Around mile 2 I could feel a side stitch starting.  I almost never get these anymore!  Sometimes if I am really pushing a 5k….  But why today?  Anyone who has had a side stitch knows that if you do nothing, they will just get worse and worse until you have to stop.  So I started doing the things that have helped me run through these in the past – deep breathing and slowing down my pace.  It helped a little so I tried to just run “my run.”  Guess what?  It came back, and I ended up running 6 of my 10 miles just trying to take my next step.  For no reason I can think of at all, it went away for my last two miles.  But I finished all 10 miles.

run collage1


When a run is tough it is good to be able to focus on the good, happy things in life.  If it is a race, thinking about the finish line and my finish time always helps me.  Today I put my mantra to good use!  I didn’t stop though, because I know that at the end of a tough run is a great feeling of accomplishment.  Today was no exception.  And, like all side stitches, once you stop running they just disappear.  Mine was replaced almost immediately by the good mood I am always in after a run.  Plus, this was the peaceful place where I finished.

surf city

Have you ever gotten a side stitch while running?  Here are some theories on why they occur and what you can do to prevent them.  Here are another four ways to stop a side stitch.  I hope this helps during your next tough run!

I had such a nice surprise in the mail today!  Someone actually wrote to me!  Even better, it was from my sweet Aidan!  The letter is a snapshot of his life at age 10.  A keepsake, definitely!

A puzzle mail

Dane had his last goalkeeper training of the season tonight.  Only one other boy made it out in this weather so it was almost a personal session!  Aaron, our trainer, is awesome.  Dane was sound asleep as soon as he got into bed.

So, I am wondering, how do you get through a tough run/workout/day?


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