Lots of fun for us this weekend, starting with a Futsal Festival bright and early Saturday morning.

Futsal 2015 U9 U10

This is the U9/U10 crew that we have been coaching in Futsal for this last training session. Futsal is a variation of 5v5 indoor soccer that emphasizes control of the ball. It’s a very fast moving game and a lot of fun to watch! Here are the rules if you want to learn more. We ended the training session with a Futsal Festival (tournament) that the kids loved. Here is Dane’s team.


And here are the girls + Alex that I coached. Great kids. It was so different to coach girls! I’m not even joking. It was nice to get that experience.



This weekend was also the district competition for the Cub Scout pinewood derby. This race is much more relaxed for us because all of the work was already done for the first race. Here are the boys at tech inspection.

pinewood derby registration

I love seeing all of the cars! The boys put so much work into these little cars and you can tell.

pinewood derby cars

The boys had fun hanging out with friends and getting ideas for next year’s car while they waited for their races.

pinewood derby

Aidan’s crew came back for the race because they were Cub Scouts when they qualified. The top 5 racers from each rank in the Pack are invited to our district event. And Dane’s crew is as silly as usual!

pinewood derby race

Watching the cars race down the track never gets old.

pinewood derby track

I wonder what our cars will look like next year…

pinewood derby cars

Here’s a pretty sunset for your evening.


We kept busy enough that I didn’t think too much about missing my first race of the season. I’m so happy for all of my girls who ran and did awesome though. Congrats girls. Next year…