Cold outside

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it is really cold outside! Twelve degrees when I was driving home tonight! I’m not really a fan of any weather below 20 degrees because that is usually my lower limit for outside running. But I have discovered there are a few benefits to the cold weather.


I ran on the treadmill again today. The amazing thing is that I hardly remember it at all! An hour and a half flew by as I streamed a movie on my iPad. Multitasking! Plus, my leg feels 100% fine on the treadmill, so it is probably a good idea to run here while it is so cold outside.


Yesterday we made our weekly trek into Philly and had an unexpected cold weather perk there too. The parking kiosk was actually frozen and not working! Free parking! Hey, you have to look at the bright side sometimes.


I have to toss in here that heated seats in the car are pretty awesome. They heat up really fast while you are waiting for the regular heat to kick in. I wish the boys had them in the back seat.

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Every morning our lemon tree reminds me of summer. It’s not doing too badly inside. So here’s to looking at the bright side for now and looking ahead to a fantastic summer.


Registration for the Perfect 10 Miler race opens tonight. :-). Definitely worth staying up until midnight. Are you registering?

So, I am wondering, what are your favorite things about winter?