It’s still summer here, but not by much.  School and fall activities are creeping in and disrupting our summer schedule.  It’s ok though.  For a little while we get the best of both worlds.  Beach days and soccer nights and still no homework!  Here are a few pictures of my soccer team.  Well, the ones that came to practice early.  These boys will make you smile.


The boys are still having fun spending time with their friends on the beach too.  I love it that our kids do the same things on the beach that we did as kids.  And now I understand why my mom would never let us take our sand crab pets home!

beach buds

Hurricane season is here and the water is getting rough.  Our surfer friends are loving it.  The kids here know all about rip tides and ocean water safety.  They learn to respect the ocean at an early age.

rough waves

We finally went shopping for school supplies today.  The boys were thrilled.  Lol.  As a consolation I let the boys choose where we went to lunch.


At the beginning of 2014 I set a running goal of reaching 1,000 miles this year.  It seemed like a reach at the time, but doable.  Now I am not so sure I am going to make it!  I do have a few distance races coming up…

running goal

It’s totally OK to just get around to your chocolate Easter bunnies at the end of August, right?

Easter bunny candy

So, I am wondering, what are your running goals for this year?