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30,000 Steps

Saturday was a 30,000 step day. It started out the best way possible for any day to start – with an early run with friends. Most of you know that I am really not a morning person. But getting up to run with friends is totally worth it. Great exercise, great conversation and you feel very accomplished when you are done before breakfast! Plus, the sunlight in the morning is amazing. Seeing this picture is making me want to go for another early run with these girls!

12 miles

Saturday is a soccer shots coaching day for me. We have a lot of kids come out to the park to learn soccer and it is a lot of fun. We were down a coach, so I recruited my guy to help me. He did such a great job with the kids and felt so proud when we were done. I’m looking forward to many more days of Soccer Shots with my boys.

Assistant coach

We have been having trouble catching up with our Scout friends with everyone’s different sport schedules, so we planned a weekend hike. It was a beautiful day for a picnic and football too!



From there we went to see the professionals play soccer. We love watching live sporting events, and we have been catching a few soccer games lately. This time we saw the Philadelphia Union play Toronto in Philadelphia. If you haven’t caught a professional soccer game yet, you should go.

Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia union game

This is how it became a 30,000 step day before it was even over. 

30000 steps

I’ll have to tell you about soccer Sunday later. Hope your weekend was great!

Christmas Caroling 2014

Tonight was our third annual neighborhood Christmas Caroling with the Cub Scouts.

Christmas Caroling 008

This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. You would be surprised at how happy Christmas caroling makes people. We always let our neighbors know we are coming ahead of time and many of them have cookies and hot chocolate waiting for the boys.

Christmas Caroling 007

We have found that kids and adults get excited to see carolers at their door. This year I learned that one of our neighbors on our route is being treated for cancer and was excited we were coming. I saw him smile tonight when the kids were singing. That really is the spirit of Christmas to me.

Christmas Caroling 1

We wear silly hats and ring bells and sing out of tune (well, except for Lori who sings like a pro) and have a great time. It was a special night.

Christmas Caroling


Sammy’s mischief continues.



The boys actually did a lot of singing today, now that I think about it. They sang Christmas songs at church this morning too.


We had a visitor at the Cub Scout pack meeting. I’m not sure how I feel about this since he gave the boys the wood for their pinewood derby cars as a present. The pinewood derby is a love hate thing for us (for everyone who participates, right?)


Aidan was camera shy this time. Good thing Dane and his friends were ready to show off their hats.


And Dane was very proud to win first place overall at the BB gun target shooting competition. It was ugly sweater night – can you tell?

BlurImage(21-12-2014 9-42-38)

I have decided to start knitting again. I missed it and I didn’t even realize it until I started again. Plus, I saw this amazing yarn.


So, I am wondering, are you ready for Christmas?

Memorial Day Picnic

me & A

Happy Memorial Day!  We had another amazing time at the annual Cub Scout Family Picnic!  The rain held out for us and the games were so much fun.  I took on this project kind of at the last minute, so I am super relieved it came together so well.  It would never have turned out so well without the help of all of our parent volunteers. Thank you!

Here are the boys getting ready for the sac race.

sac race

They were jumping like crazy!  At least one of my boys has definitely inherited the competitive spirit!


Next was the water balloon toss.  The boys gradually move further and further apart and have to catch the balloon without breaking it.  It was double elimination and Dane and Chris won first place!  Aidan and Nick were in the semi-finals, but the second elimination got them.  Thanks so much to the guys who filled 350 water balloons!  Crazy!

water balloom toss

The sponge tube relay is always fun.  The boys squeeze a sponge to fill up two tall tubes.  The lake water is not my favorite, but the boys don’t care.  The wetter the better.

Sponge Tube Relay

The pie eating contest is another fun time.  Guess who came in first again?  I swear, Dane finished his in like 2 seconds.

pie eating contest

I hope you had a great Memorial Day too!  We are off to see the Red Bulls soccer game.  😉

happy memorial Day


Is That Enough?

Today we went on our semi-annual Cub Scout camping shopping trip at BJ’s.  It is a fun outing for the girls the Thursday before camping weekend and we can never believe how much we buy!  This trip is a small trip for us, but we still have well over 100 people in camp.  We actually bought all of the hot dog rolls they had today. 

camping shopping1

This is us with our loot.

camping shopping3

We will eat well though!  I learned pretty late in the day that today was siblings day.  I will get to see all of my siblings over the holiday, which I am very excited about.  Today I mostly saw these two siblings.

 sibs 002

They both had Easter parties at school today.  Guess what Aidan brought home?  The balloon basket.  Remember this?

balloon basket

Now it looks like this.

sibs 003

Pretty cool.  Tomorrow is more craziness and the start of a camping/soccer/traveling weekend.  If I don’t get a good run in though, I might not make it…


Hope you have a good weekend. 

Weekend Replay

Another weekend over!  Time always seems to fly by.  I am happy for Monday though.  Aidan was just asking Dane and I what our favorite day of the week is.  Aidan likes Friday and Dane likes Saturday.  I agree with both of them – those are always good days.  The boys both agreed that Monday was not their favorite day.  I secretly like Mondays though because I can get back to running.  I almost never have time to run over the weekend and I am ready to go for a run once Monday arrives.

monday love run

It was another basketball weekend.  These crazy days will be ending soon and I think we will probably miss them.  This weekend the boys games were at the same time.  Since I am coaching Aidan I had to miss Dane’s game.  Aidan’s game was a lot of fun this weekend.  It was a three day weekend and we had a lot of players on vacation.  Only 3 players made the game!  We need 5 players to play a game.  I wish I had permission to post the picture I took of my 3 all stars – it is such a great picture.  Luckily the coach of our opposing team had 2 players he could loan us.  As it turns out, he gave us 2 very good players!  Because of the crazy situation the game was not that serious and I think the boys all had a great time.  Aidan was thrilled that he got to do tip off and all of the boys were happy to be in for the entire game.

A tip off

The Central Park half marathon is this weekend so the final preparations are under way.  Tomorrow is my last “long” run before the race (although it will probably be more of a medium run) and I plan to try out my new smartwool socks.  My friends tell me these keep your feet warm without the plastic bag trick.  I’m not the biggest fan of wearing plastic bags for 13 miles, so I am hoping these work.  I am also hoping it doesn’t rain on Sunday!


I’m am trying to clean up my eating this week.  Valentine’s Day has gotten me off track.  We had dinner tonight at a great friend’s house and that was a step in the right direction.  I am also rediscovering how good and how easy spinach salads are.


Our Cub Scout “Blue and Gold” dinner is this Sunday as well.  This is a big event in the scouting year and we have been preparing for it for a while now.  We will be completing the final touches on our banner and flag this week and making themed desserts.  It will be a busy week!  My mom is an amazing seamstress and she was nice enough to help us sew our flag.  The boys have been working on the details and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!


So, I am wondering, do you like Mondays?

Bragging Rights and How To Make Invisible Ink

My boys are making me proud!  Today Aidan was honored as Student of the Month for September!  It was a complete surprise to him.  He didn’t even know he was having an assembly today.  Nana, Dane and I were already seated in the Arts Center when his class marched in.  Boy was he surprised to see us!  It was a happy morning.


Then Dane came home from school with his fall class pictures.  He is so handsome!  And getting big!

Dane Fall 2013

Invisible Ink

Our most recent Cub Scout meeting was about secret messages and codes.  It is a really fun theme that the boys love.  We talked about Morse code and how it was actually used to send secret messages.  The history and lack of technology fascinated them.  They used flashlights to send Morse code messages to each other.

We also wrote secret messages using “invisible” ink.  In one method the boys wrote messages in white crayon on white paper and passed them to a friend.  Their friend then used a paint marker to reveal the secret message.


In the second method, the secret messages were written in milk on white paper using a paintbrush.  Once completely dry, the boys ironed the papers and the secret messages were revealed.  This is what the messages looked like before the milk was dry.

secretmsg5 secretmsg4This is what the messages looked like after being ironed.  Believe it or not, the boys got a kick out of ironing too!  If you want to do this project, here is a hint: the more milk you use to write the message, the better it will show up once ironed.  It is a fun project.

Secret msg1So, I am wondering, what do you pack your kids for lunch?

Trunk or Treat… Take One

Tonight we went to our first Trunk or Treat event with the Cub Scouts.  Well, actually, it was our first trunk or treat ever.  They seem to be very popular this year.  Aidan dressed as a pirate, Dane was Chop Chop from the Skylanders and I was a witch.

Me & A halloween

T&T boys

Trunk or treating is essentially when a group of people park their cars in a designated area and open their trunks to trick-or-treaters.  It is usually for a set time period.  Most people tonight decorated their trunks and sat by their cars with candy.  It was a lot of fun and has some advantages over regular trick or treating.  For example, we were with a ton of very good friends of ours.  We love trick or treating with our usual crowd, but you see less friends that way.  Also, you know the people giving your children candy.  It is fun to get to see all of the kids dressed up too.  And, since it is set up by a group, you don’t have to wait for Halloween.  This is why we will be going to a few this year.  :)  The only down side is you don’t get to walk off all of the candy you eat!

Before heading to our Scout event, I made Spooky Chili for the boys and I.  Sandy gave me this recipe and it sounded like just the thing to balance out all of the candy the boys would be eating later!  Plus it is spicy – something we love.

spooky chili2 spooky chili 1

This is a vegetarian recipe.  I added more sweet potatoes than it called for because we love them.  Too bad I finished it right before we had to leave!  It was so hot I had to put ice cubes in the boys’ bowls so they could eat it.  You can find the recipe here: http://m.deliciousliving.com/recipes/spooky-chili

Today was a much anticipated day for the boys for another reason also.  Today is the day the Skylanders Swap Force came in the mail from their grandparents.  This was a birthday present that was not yet released on Dane’s birthday.  Needless to say, they loved it.

Sky box

Sky present

We have another fun, busy weekend planned.  Tomorrow we have a soccer game, the fall festival and tomorrow night a hayride.  Sunday is flu shot day for the boys (I already got mine).  Oh well.  Let’s just hope it works this year!

So, I am wondering, what are you doing this weekend?

Camping Cub Scout Style

Camping with our Cub Scout Pack is an experience our boys will never forget.  We had just under 200 people camping with us this weekend at our local Boy Scout campground.  This site is amazing.  It has 9 campsites along with a beautiful lake, beach, archery and rifle ranges, a parade field and an outdoor stage area.  It is a full immersion “back to nature, back to scouting” experience and the boys can’t get enough of it.

wood fort

And who can blame them?  They get to do all of the “boy” things they dream of with their great friends ALL WEEKEND!!  Talk about a sleepover!  Our theme this year was Minecamp 2013.  It seems all of the boys at camp, even those not camping with our group, love Minecraft.

D shirt

After a camp style dinner and skits, the boys kicked off their weekend with a “creeper hunt” – fully equipped with Minecraft torches.

A Torch

DC Torch

The fun continued the next day with Minecraft themed games.  There was an involved Minecraft obstacle course where the boys had to go through game-like adventures, a scavenger hunt for Minecraft chests, a mining for gems adventure,

D Mining 1

a Minecraft bean bag toss, the creeper face and skeleton face puzzles,

puzzle game

and a Minecraft animal round up.

pig game

Fishing was fun, as always.  The lake is beautiful and the boys all love fishing.  It is a tournament of sorts – prizes for biggest and smallest fish caught.  All of the fish are released, which makes us moms happy.

D fishing pole

A fishing pole

My guy even caught his first fish!  It was very exciting, as you can imagine.  I am forever grateful to the person who took the fish off his hook!  Not my thing!

A fish

We all tried our hand at archery this trip – even me!  That is, after a lengthy lesson on archery safety (lol).

A archery

A archery shot

My little guy got a bull’s-eye!

D Archery

The older boys received a lesson in fire making that really made their day.  In scouts, only certain older boys who have passed a test are allowed to make the fire.  So this was a big deal for them.


The surprise hit of the weekend was a game new to most of the boys called “GaGa ball.”  You can find a description of the game here: http://www.fallingcreek.com/toolbox/warrior-ball.shtml  and also here: http://www.ultimatecampresource.com/site/camp-activity/gaga-pit-or-israeli-dodgeball.html.  It is kind of like dodge ball, but much safer.  My guy won his first round.

A ga ga

Ga Ga Pit

My favorite was the movie in the woods, which included our traditional movie “Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and this year “Wreck It, Ralph.”  We have a big fire and roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate while we watch the movies.

It was a great trip.  The boys are already asking about our next camping trip!  It takes a lot of effort to make a trip like this happen.  I want to say a big thank you to all of those people who put this trip together for our boys.


So, I am wondering, do you camp with your family or are you more of a hotel person?


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