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A Picture Says A Thousand Words


Happy April Fool’s Day! We started the day off right with breakfast pranks.

April fools breakfast

The boys had a few of their own too… The weather was no joke today! Perfect for the egg hunt at Dane’s Easter party.

Dane egg hunt

And coaching soccer by the lake…


And getting in my last training run by the bay before the Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend. I hope the course is not on the roads that are hilly and slanted at the same time like the Philly Love Run and the Philly Rock and Roll Half. Wish I thought of that before I signed up! The swag was so good I didn’t think about anything else! Plus, I wanted to do this race last year and it was the same day as the April Fools Half.


Expo / packet pickup tomorrow. And soccer shots. And practice with my team. And finishing up Easter stuff. Just another day around here!


It’s been a while since I have told you about my soccer team.  I am still coaching Dane’s U9 travel team, the Hurricanes. I LOVE coaching him and we honestly have an amazing group of boys this year.


One of our players was injured today and we missed him. The rest of these boys played their hearts out. We won by 4 goals and the boys definitely deserved the win. I am amazed at the progress they have made this year. They are all wonderful kids and I love watching them mature as soccer players. I am so proud of Dane’s work in goal too.


We are having a great season with only one loss. My assistant is an old friend and a well respected coach – you might recognize him.


So that’s my update on our season!  Can you tell I am proud of these guys?

Aidan had a great day today too. One of his friends hosted a nerf war at the local fields. What a great idea! Of course the boys loved it.


So, I am wondering, did you get outside today?

Last Basketball Games

This weekend we had our last basketball games of the season.  It was fun and a little bit sad all at the same time.  I am so glad I coached Aidan’s team.  I ended up enjoying it a lot and it was a special time for Aidan and I.  I also got to know some of his friends better.  I had a great group of boys on our team and I will miss them too!

A bball collage

Aidan played a great game!  He made another basket too – this time off of a foul shot.  I can never take pictures of Aidan playing since I am coaching, but I had a photographer at this game.  Dane was in charge of all photos and did a great job.  This is a picture of Aidan’s shot going in.

A last basketball & Bronx Bombers 011

It was a good game, followed by trophies!  Always a highlight of any season.

A last basketball & Bronx Bombers 029

Dane had a great game as well.  He scored a couple of times, despite some drama on the court. 

Dane shot collage

Dane had a great team as well – full of friends he has played sports with for years now.  The smile on his face pretty much sums up his basketball experience.

D smiles bball collage

He had wonderful coaches this season.  It is so nice when your friends coach your kids!

Dane coaches

Nana came to both boys’ games, which made the boys very happy.

Dane Last BBall Game 074

So proud of my guy, who really demonstrated his sportsmanship this season.  I have two wonderful boys!

Dane Last BBall Game 068

So, I am wondering, will it stop snowing in time for soccer and baseball seasons?


Yesterday something crazy happened.  To fully appreciate it, however, you need a little history.  I coach Dane’s soccer team – the Red Dragons.  I played soccer back in the day and when the opportunity arose, it made sense.

soccer m& D

This is my second season coaching Dane’s team and I coach with my father (Popop, now sometimes known as Coach Carl).  He is actually the one who secured our first spot as coaches.

soccer P & D

We have a lot of fun with the kids and we have had great seasons so far.  Last season we only lost one game and this season we are undefeated with 3 games to go.  The kids are great and it is something special we get to do with Dane.

soccer team.JPG

I am also one of the leaders for Dane’s Cub Scout group.  (I will leave out the embarrassing pictures of me in that uniform!)  The opportunities just worked out that way.  I had knowledge of the program from doing it previously with Aidan.

Recently Aidan has been mentioning to me that it really is not fair that I lead these activities for Dane and not for him.  He has a point.  I am the oldest of my siblings so I know what it is like to “break your parents in” so to speak (no laughing mom!).  So I was trying to figure out what I could lead for Aidan, even if I did not have a ton of prior experience.

Guess what email I received last night?  The basketball league the boys are signed up with for the winter is looking for coaches for the 3rd and 4th grade combined teams – Aidan’s level.  If this was not a sign, I don’t know what would be!  I was never a basketball player, but I will be learning now!

basketball-clip-board-for-coachingSo I asked my dad if he wants to try a new sport with me.  He said yes, so we are looking forward to a new exciting adventure with Aidan.  Who knows, we might just be good at it!  Either way, we will have fun.

Me & A

On another note, we had a visitor at our house last night.

D toothDane lost a tooth in school.  : )  His Tooth Fairy’s name is Daisy and she always leaves him a note and a special coin or sometimes a two dollar bill.  This is what she left him last night (not the loot bag.  That is where he keeps his Tooth Fairy treasures).

tooth lootWe have not had a tooth fairy visit in a while!  I think Aidan is due for a visit from his tooth fairy soon too.

So, I am wondering, do you like your kids’ coaches?  What do you think makes a “good coach”?


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