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April Fool’s Pranks for Kids

April Fool’s Day breakfast is always fun at our house. When the boys were little I put their plastic play food at the table for breakfast and they thought it was hilarious. Since then, April Fool’s is all about breakfast in our house. It’s a fun way to start the day and I get the first prank in before school. ūüėČ We have done frozen cereal, pudding milk, icing sandwiches. This year on deck are the peach and yogurt¬†egg (except I might use lemon curd for the yolk – we’ll see) and jello juice. (Don’t tell them!)

peach egg prankjello juice

I’ll send in a wormy apple for lunch. Maybe with some extra worms for fun.

gummy worm apple prank

Two holidays in one week is just about all I can take. I have soo much to get done for Easter before my race on Saturday! But it’s all good stuff. This year we found a nighttime egg hunt for older kids. It was the best idea! The kids loved hunting for the eggs at night and no one had to worry about the little kids not getting eggs. We had to bribe them with froyo to leave after their baskets were spilling over with eggs.

Egg hunt

Jeannette and I made time for an awesome run today to decompress a bit after a crazy weekend.

Running buddies

It started with a scrimmage. Check out my awesome soccer team. The Hurricanes are back together and I am so excited for another great season with these boys.


Now that the weather is supposed to be warming up, Nerf Wars are back in session too.

Nerf war-1

Dane and I went bike riding while Aidan was capturing the flag.

Bike riding

I swear I do shower and wash my hair.


The boys caught up with their Scout buddies this weekend to work on the video game pin. We really had to twist their arms for this one….

Video game pin

And guess who got a cell phone? He’s just a little happy about it.

Aidans first phone

My mom and dad had us to dinner tonight. My mom made a delicious salad that I will share the recipe for when I remember to get it from her.

Mexican salad

Thanks guys!

trolley 1

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite April Fool’s prank?

Long Drives and Soccer Medals

Monday was Philly day. Aidan and I have been taking long drives like this together since he was a baby. Yesterday it occurred to me that in 10 years, we have done this a lot! We are now old pros. If you had told me even 5 years ago that we would still be doing this, I would not have believed it. But I love this special time with my guy.

2014-10-28 12.07.53

Of course while we were there we stopped for falafel.


We now consider this “our” food truck.¬†I don’t think the real owners would mind, right?


Soccer medals are in!¬†If you are on my team, don’t tell the boys. We have had a pretty perfect season.¬†I think everyone – players and parents – would agree.¬†If you coach or lead any type of kids group, you know it doesn’t always work out that way. I am so lucky to have such great people on the team this year.


Aidan is getting a medal too (shh – he doesn’t know). He has been to every practice and every game, even in the rain.


I hope our spring season goes as well.

So, I am wondering, what winter sports do your kids play?

Real Beach Pictures

At the end of every summer I like to have the boys’ pictures taken professionally.¬† They grow up so fast!¬† I was a little crazy with pictures when they were little.¬† Lol.¬† This year we decided to update our beach pictures.¬† Here are a couple of sneak peeks we have gotten back already.

beach phot bw

beach photo 3

I can’t wait to see the rest of them.¬† Sheena was so great with the boys and we had a wonderful experience.¬† If you live near us, I would definitely recommend her.

We have been spending time in “the other city” lately.¬† New York will always be The City to us and Philadelphia will stay Philly.¬†¬†It doesn’t help that¬†we go The City for fun and our visits to Philly are usually for other reasons.¬† But we have decided to take advantage of it anyway.¬† Why not?¬† Dane was with us this trip so we re-visited the falafel truck.¬† I have a pretty serious tahini issue, I think.¬† Did you know that falafel is actually really healthy for you?



We had a great time at our friends’ end of year pool party today.¬† We are so lucky to have such great friends.

pool party

The soccer season has officially started for us.¬† Of course since I am coaching I forget to take pictures.¬† Maybe I will remember on Thursday.¬† I can’t even tell you how excited I am about our team though.¬† I am looking forward to a fun season with them.¬† I am also looking forward to a good run tomorrow.¬† Sometimes you just need to be out there, by yourself, just you and your run.

running inspiration

By the way, runners do not jog Рno matter how slowly they are going!  Yes, you know I am talking to you!

So, I am wondering, how often do you get your kids’ pictures taken?


Wow!  This was a crazy, fun, bittersweet weekend for us filled with friends, family and happenings.  Never a dull moment!  Here are my two resilient sweeties.

me and boys

We started the weekend off by saying goodbye to the teams that have been such a big part of our life for the past couple of months.  Aidan had another great season with Coach Brett and Coach Jeff.  Thanks guys!

baseball collage

Our last soccer game was so much fun!¬† We started off with team pictures (I will probably post them again when I get the “good” ones!).


It was kind of nice that we won Рit just adds to the excitement.  I am so happy I am able to share these special times with Dane.  I was lucky to have a great assistant coach too.  Scott (and Corinne) I will miss you guys so much next year!

soccer collage

I think the boys had an exciting last game and fun receiving their medals afterwards.

soccer fun collage

Look what I got!  The local artist who made this incorporates sand from the island in her glass beads.  Two things that I love Рcoaching and the beach.  I love it!  The C Glass Studio.


Saturday was also Founder’s Day in our town and there are parades and fireworks and festivities.¬† We had a bit of excitement ourselves and got to spend the day with my parents and my nephew.¬† Pizza is always a good idea in my family.


Then we headed out to the fireworks.  It was kind of a last minute decision, so we just grabbed what we needed and went.  I was pretty happy that I still had about 100 glow sticks in my garage waiting to be used!  Every time I see these in the dollar section I buy them.  Lol.  Some were seriously old and not quite as bright as others, but the kids were still happy!

fireworks collage

Sunday was another fun family day.¬† Happy Father’s Day!¬† Here¬†are me and my dad – one of the best men you will ever be lucky enough to meet.¬† He means so much to us and we always have fun being with him.¬† I have fun with him whether we are coaching a team together or shoveling snow together!¬† Thanks for being such a great dad and Popop!

me and Carl

And here is my brother, another great dad, with one of his little guys.

John & M

We were also celebrating birthdays.  We have a lot of June birthdays in our family!

birthday collage

The kids had fun playing together as usual – even the big kids.

cousins collage

fun in the yard

I hope your Father’s Day and weekend were great too!

me and boys dday

So, I am wondering,do you like ice cream cake or regular cake better?

Sunday Turnover

Hurray for the end of Sunday turnovers!¬† Well, almost.¬† Sundays are a strange day because you wake up to the freedom of the weekend and end the day with the tasks to prepare for the week ahead.¬† But summer vacation is just around the corner!¬† Soon we won’t even know what day it is.¬† Lol.

soccer team

We started our weekend with an amazing performance by Dane’s soccer team (of course I think of them as my team too!).¬† It was close to 85 degrees and the boys played on a full field for the first time¬†– and¬†they played their hearts out!¬† Every single player gave an outstanding effort.¬† It was so great to watch them apply the techniques we have been working on this season.¬† Scott and I were proud coaches!¬† Here is Dane with his new sport glasses before the game.

dane soccer 2

Today I finally started planting my flowers!  Usually I am done way before now, but the weather did not cooperate early on this year.  I still have a lot to do, but it is a start.

flowers col

I love this time of year because the flowers are beautiful and the produce is starting to get good.  I had an awesome salad for lunch today (I know Рits not a bar!).


Then the boys and I went to see the Million Dollar Arm.¬† Have you seen it?¬† I definitely recommend it, although it is probably going out of the theaters soon.¬† It is based on a true story.¬† Its a great, inspirational family movie.¬† Movie selfies are tough…

movie selfie

Of course, we could not resist the frozen yogurt place next door.

fro yo

I am cracking up writing this because the last time Jeannette and I were texting about fro-yo her auto correct changed it to fro-up.¬† So not the same thing!¬† On to the week ahead…

So, I am wondering, what is the last movie you saw?

Also, what is your favorite kind of fro-yo?


Travel Soccer

Today was our first travel soccer practice of the season!  We have some of the boys from our team last year back and some new faces.  It was exciting to get back into it.  Since soccer is Dane’s sport, Aidan was my photographer.  Too bad we forgot the camera and he had to use his iPod! 


You never know what the weather is going to do lately.  Today was 68 degrees!  Too bad we had already scheduled practice inside.  Of course in two days the forecast is for a high of 25 degrees and our 100th snowstorm of the season.  LOL  The boys all did really well at practice though and didn’t seem to mind the faster speed of indoor practice.  I’m excited to work with them.


It’s time to retire my Brooks Pure Cadence 1 and I am very sad about it.  Since my Achilles injury there are very few running shoes (well all shoes, actually) that I can tolerate.  So I went on a quest today for new running shoes that have a very low heel height.  Brooks redesigned my favorite shoe so it is out of the question.  After trying on a million pairs, I ended up with a neutral/stability shoe.  Here they are – Brooks Ghost 6.

shoes 008 shoes 009

I’m not that excited about them, to be honest.  I’m not a fan of that giant cushion underneath.  But who knows – maybe I will end up loving this style.  I’ll report back when I try them.  Tomorrow Jen and I plan a minimum of 10, so I will wait to test these. 

By the way, did you notice my running log is not working??  What’s up with that? 

So, I am wondering, did you get to enjoy the nice weather today?

I’m also wondering how many pairs of running shoes do you own?  Do you rotate them?


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