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A Week Off


A week off of blogging… That is the longest break I have taken yet! As you can probably guess it was not a week off of anything else. Lots of things going on! Here is what’s blogworthy.

Running in humidity

Running has been tough! Between the sudden heat, humidity and the clouds of pollen blowing by I have not had my best performances. I am still thankful to get out there considering this crazy schedule. I have even been able to run with friends lately! So much fun. :-)

My mom

Mother’s Day was so much fun. We had an amazing brunch at my parent’s house and got to relax and have fun together.

My boys 3

My boys planted the whole front garden for me (with help from Nana!) and it looks so pretty! I am very thankful too. I have no idea when I would have had time to do that!

Then we were off to Soccer Sunday! My Hurricanes made all of their moms’ proud and played an awesome game.

My soccer boys

I really do love coaching these boys.

Hurricanes 3

It is really great to have Aidan as our team scorekeeper this season. Finally, he can be a part of it with us. :-)


You can’t ask for much more than time with your most important people on Mother’s Day!


I love coaching these guys too. They are little sponges and they have such a unique perspective on the world. Plus, they are silly.

soccer shots kids

There are so many good things going on with Soccer Shots right now. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

Today I went on the 5th grade class trip to see some of the historic sites of Philadelphia. I love being able to share these times with my kids.

Liberty Bell

We saw the Liberty Bell, which I must not have seen since I was a kid because I remember it being much larger!

We visited Betsy Ross’s house.

Betsy Ross house

And saw money being made at the US Mint.

US Mint

But mostly I loved hanging out with my guy.

My Aidan

We were passing my favorite falafel truck as we were getting ready to leave. That’s fate or something, so I had to stop. I can’t even look at this picture without  wanting another one!


That’s it for now. Catch you later!

Catch Up

Life got crazier this week!  Yikes!  So it is one of those times where I am just going to do my best to keep up.  I will post a race recap soon though.  Here are the boys and I after I got home.  They had a fabulous time at the boardwalk with Nana and Popop while I was away and apparently won every prize there.

post race

But here is a bit of catch up on what we have been up to:

Sunday after the race we met a bunch of friends to take the boys bowling (yes, they are all boys!).  The boys had fun and I was immensely grateful when I realized we were ordering pizza there for dinner!  There was pretty much no way I was cooking on Sunday.


Bowling D

Monday was sports day – soccer and baseball.  😉


Today Dane had his class trip to the lighthouse.  One of the benefits of where we live is that the kids get to take class trips to the beach.  This is one of the best.  They have a scavenger hunt and climb the lighthouse and picnic.  The weather was perfect.  I am sad I had to miss this one.  Thanks for the great pics Sandy!

D lighthouse trip1

lighthouse collage

At least I got to have this awesome salad for lunch.  This might be worth the drive into Philadelphia itself!


A little reminder.


And a little inspiration, courtesy of Deirdre.  Couldn’t come at a better time.  Thanks Deirdre!

be strong

So, I am wondering, what do you do to get through life’s busy times?

Fun With Friends

The boys and I are very lucky people.  We have great friends.  Lately we have been having a lot of fun with them.

running girls

This morning the girls and I had a great 7 mile run.  You would not believe some of the things runners talk about while running.  We pretty much know everything about each other and that is how we like it.  We laughed so hard this morning…

I also got to go to the zoo with Dane for his class trip yesterday.  It was raining on our way to the zoo, but the kids really did not care at all.  The rain did stop and the kids loved running around the zoo.

Dane zoo

The animals were cool, but it was more about the kids being together.

Zoo 008Zoo 014

Sandy, Sharon and I all chaperoned, so we got to spend the day together too.  These are special times with our kids and our friends.

The morning rain left us with an afternoon of no sports.  Free time???  Crazy!  So the boys and I headed to the beach for a summer preview.

beach collage

So glad we did.

Zoo 016

Dane had a soccer game today and played so well.  I am so proud of him.  The whole team played great today, actually.  They made their coach very proud.  :)

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite thing to do with friends?


Kid Stuff

The boys have been so busy lately with spring sports, Scouts and school activities!  Today Aidan and I went to Jenkinson’s Aquarium for his class trip.


We had a great time with his class and spending the day together.  It was a beautiful day to be at the beach too!

Processed with Moldiv

A Class trip 002

I also got to attend the gifted and talented showcase at Aidan’s school this week to see the projects he has been working on this year.  The kids were so proud to show us their work as  engineers cleaning up an oil spill and in designing the most effective parachute.  I am so proud of him!

G&T collage

Both boys have been very busy with sports this week too.  Aidan’s baseball team has played great in two games and Dane has been practicing for his games this weekend.  Thank goodness Nana is here to help us be everywhere at the same time!

sports collage

I did manage to squeeze in some running time this week as well.  Too bad I planned a 10 mile run on the island on the windiest day of the year!  Well, it felt like it anyway.  15 – 20 mph winds are no joke!  It was worth it though.  And for the record, the wind is not always at your back when you run out and back!

Run collage

We are looking forward to a fun weekend of games and hiking.

So, I am wondering, what are you doing this weekend?


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