The theme this weekend seemed to be physics, although I’m not sure the boys would describe it that way.  Today they experienced gravity and the laws of motion on the rides at Great Adventure.  Dane was brave and rode every roller coaster he could, thanks to Uncle John.  There is no way I am getting on those!



We had another physics lesson this weekend at the Cub Scout Rocket Derby.  At this event the boys build soda bottle rockets and then launch them.  The rockets use water and pressurized air to launch them hundreds of feet high.  Last year the rockets reached over 300 feet in the air!  After launching, the boys compare which designs and water levels performed the best.  It is so much fun watching them launch!

rocket physics Rocket building rocket launching

Since we have no choice but to accept that summer is ending, we decided to get some of our favorites in again this weekend.  Tonight we watched a beautiful sunset on the bay.

sunset on the bay2

Then had lobster bisque at Chowda in Bay Village.


We had another special dinner this weekend for my dad’s birthday.  We went out for one of his favorites – shrimp parm.  It was a very fun night.  Happy Birthday!

birthday dinner 3 So, I am wondering, how was your weekend?  Did you eat anything wonderful?