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Right Into The Next Season

This weekend it feels a bit more like spring – thank goodness!  Daylight savings time has begun, our last snow of the season (hopefully!) melted in the warm temperatures and spring sports started.  We are officially in baseball season!  We really threw ourselves into it too.  Aidan has practice early on Saturday mornings – before the snow melted this weekend. 


He is on the same team as last year and he is excited for a fun season. 



So excited, actually, that we went to the batting cages after practice!  Then we set the backyard up so he can practice whenever he wants to. 

Today was a scouting day for us.  Both boys had meetings back to back, which they were happy for after taking last week off to go to the city.  We had a sports theme at Dane’s meeting and it was a really good time.  I hope the boys enjoyed it!  We played catch, practiced some basketball and had an obstacle course.  Here is Dane doing the obstacle course.  Under chairs…

d obstacle course1

Jumping jacks…

D obstacle course2

and balancing on a line while carrying marshmallows.  The boys could eat however many marshmallows didn’t fall on the ground.

D obstacle course3

I know I had a good time!  We have such great friends in scouts.  Since we all missed dinner for our meetings, we headed to a local pizza place – 17 of us.  Luckily it wasn’t too busy when we got there. 

A pizza

Here is Fezziwig trying to be as tall as me.  He likes to be at eye level with you.  Too bad he practically has to stand on your face to get there!

fezzy selfieSo, I am wondering, how was your weekend?  What did you do?

Life is Schweet!

Another snowy day…  It was so pretty out today though!  Big fat snowflakes that stayed on the ground just long enough to make everything beautiful for a bit.  I love running the trail in this weather.  The girls and I got in our first run since the half.  Eileen and Deirdre showed up in matching outfits!  I guess Jen and I didn’t get the memo.

E & D

snowy trail (2)

 Fezzy was ready for the cold this morning on his way to take the boys to school.  He takes his job seriously!


Last night we had out last basketball practice.  I will miss my team!  It was definitely a growth experience for both Aidan and I.  I feel so lucky to have had the chance to do this with him.  I gave our guys a team photo as a memento.  One more game and then on to soccer and baseball.

bball pic

My mom and I had one of my favorites for lunch today – a hummus and avocado sandwich from The Schwee Tea Co.  https://www.facebook.com/schweetea  This is possibly the best sandwich you have ever tasted!  I want one right now just looking at this picture.  If you haven’t gone there yet, you should try it.

schwee tea

schwee tea1So, I am wondering, do you like avocados?

Build Your Own Pinewood Derby Car Stand

Today I have been working on a project for our Wolf Cub Scout Den to complete at our meeting tomorrow.  In preparation for the Pinewood Derby, we are teaching the boys about tools and safety while building a stand for their car.  It is a cute project and it sounded pretty easy when I first saw it.  This is what my completed sample looks like.  The car will sit on top with the wheels hanging off either side.

PWD car stand3

The materials needed are really only an 8′ length of 1″x3″ wood, screws, screwdriver and sandpaper.  Not too bad.  Well, you really do need a table saw to make the angled cuts and my dad and I decided a drill press was best to align the screws on the angled joint.  The one above I made with my drill rather than the screwdriver, but in my defense I had not predrilled the screw joints yet.  Wood glue is a good idea as well.  If you want to make this pinewood derby car stand, you can find the directions here: http://www.pinewoodpro.com/pinewood-derby-car-stand.htm  Good luck following them!  You might do just as well to look at my picture and figure it out yourself!

Here are the materials once the 1″x3″ is cut.

pwd stand 001

Or in my case,

pwd stand 004

Tomorrow the boys will sand the three pieces of wood and then glue and screw them together.  We have predrilled the screw holes for their projects.  Once assembled they should look like this.

PWD car stand1

Then they will write their names or the year on the base and paint them with watered down paint.  Hopefully they will have fun, learn a little, and enjoy their completed project.

Have I mentioned that Fezziwig thinks he is the boys’ bus driver?  Every morning when the boys put their coats on and pack up their backpacks, Fezziwig comes running down the stairs with his little tail wagging away.  He stands by the door waiting for his car coat so that he can drive the boys to school.  LOL.  He is so sweet.  On weekends he stands there for a minute looking sad before going back to his activities.  Here he is doing his chauffeur duties.

Fezzy driver

So, I am wondering, how does time pass so quickly?

Special Delivery

After the boys went to school this morning Sammy, our elf passed me a note from Santa.  The note said that Santa has an oversized package for the boys that just wasn’t going to fit on his sleigh on Christmas Eve.  He really wanted the boys to have this particular package though because he had this item when he was young and loved it.  Would I be a dear and retrieve the package from his drop off location?  It only weighs 165 pounds.  Oh, and by the way, could I also build the item for him on Christmas Eve since he is so busy on that particular night and just would not have the time to do it.  Can you believe it?

Thanks to my wonderful family – my brother’s truck and my dad’s assistance – we were able to accommodate Santa this year.  Hopefully the building part will not take too long.  Santa made a similar request a couple of years ago…  Let’s just say it was a late night.  I’ll post pictures after Christmas.

Aidan’s teacher sent home interesting homework today.  She asked the kids that have elves staying with them to bring in “Elfies,” which apparently are selfies of an Elf on the Shelf.  I thought she wanted a selfie of Aidan with his elf, but Aidan explained to me that it should just be Sammy in the picture.  We have plenty of those!  Sammy loves Elfies!  We were able to make a cute collage of some of Sammy’s antics so far this year.  To bad my printer ran out of ink halfway through printing it.

Sammy collage

My brother decided to get in on the Elfies too.  He claims that Jack Frost, their elf, is having too much fun while he is at work.  So he gave it a try.  Isn’t that hysterical?!

Elf John

It was a balmy 26 degrees today when I went running.  I even waited until lunchtime to hit the warmest part of the day!  It beats the 22 degree temperature at my normal running time, I guess.  Truthfully though, I like running in the cold.

cold run

This is mostly true.  Once you are running it is not cold anymore.  Today the only part of me that felt cold was my eyes.  Strange, but true.  When I ran in the sleet the other day the only part of me that was cold was my lungs.  I need some other runners to corroborate me here, I think.

Fezziwig does not like the cold, no matter what.  He prefers to be nestled under his blanket – warm and cozy.


He has to go outside, of course.  Today he finally saw the snowman.  Fezzy does not like snowmen!!  Seriously.  My little dog who never barks will bark like crazy if he sees a snowman.  It is hard not to laugh.  I know he is very serious!


So after his “encounter” with Frosty today he ran straight for his bed.  He didn’t even wait to take his coat off.  LOL


So, I am wondering, what was the latest you stayed up on Christmas Eve helping Santa?


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