Today I have been working on a project for our Wolf Cub Scout Den to complete at our meeting tomorrow.  In preparation for the Pinewood Derby, we are teaching the boys about tools and safety while building a stand for their car.  It is a cute project and it sounded pretty easy when I first saw it.  This is what my completed sample looks like.  The car will sit on top with the wheels hanging off either side.

PWD car stand3

The materials needed are really only an 8′ length of 1″x3″ wood, screws, screwdriver and sandpaper.  Not too bad.  Well, you really do need a table saw to make the angled cuts and my dad and I decided a drill press was best to align the screws on the angled joint.  The one above I made with my drill rather than the screwdriver, but in my defense I had not predrilled the screw joints yet.  Wood glue is a good idea as well.  If you want to make this pinewood derby car stand, you can find the directions here:  Good luck following them!  You might do just as well to look at my picture and figure it out yourself!

Here are the materials once the 1″x3″ is cut.

pwd stand 001

Or in my case,

pwd stand 004

Tomorrow the boys will sand the three pieces of wood and then glue and screw them together.  We have predrilled the screw holes for their projects.  Once assembled they should look like this.

PWD car stand1

Then they will write their names or the year on the base and paint them with watered down paint.  Hopefully they will have fun, learn a little, and enjoy their completed project.

Have I mentioned that Fezziwig thinks he is the boys’ bus driver?  Every morning when the boys put their coats on and pack up their backpacks, Fezziwig comes running down the stairs with his little tail wagging away.  He stands by the door waiting for his car coat so that he can drive the boys to school.  LOL.  He is so sweet.  On weekends he stands there for a minute looking sad before going back to his activities.  Here he is doing his chauffeur duties.

Fezzy driver

So, I am wondering, how does time pass so quickly?