Today we went on our semi-annual Cub Scout camping shopping trip at BJ’s.  It is a fun outing for the girls the Thursday before camping weekend and we can never believe how much we buy!  This trip is a small trip for us, but we still have well over 100 people in camp.  We actually bought all of the hot dog rolls they had today. 

camping shopping1

This is us with our loot.

camping shopping3

We will eat well though!  I learned pretty late in the day that today was siblings day.  I will get to see all of my siblings over the holiday, which I am very excited about.  Today I mostly saw these two siblings.

 sibs 002

They both had Easter parties at school today.  Guess what Aidan brought home?  The balloon basket.  Remember this?

balloon basket

Now it looks like this.

sibs 003

Pretty cool.  Tomorrow is more craziness and the start of a camping/soccer/traveling weekend.  If I don’t get a good run in though, I might not make it…


Hope you have a good weekend.