Jan 2015 011

Remember birthday parties when you were a kid?  The anticipation, the excitement, the friends, the presents? My kids absolutely love planning their birthday parties. Whatever was the last most fun party they attended is usually their starting point. This year, however, we had the debate over the age that birthday parties should stop. Both boys have had a party every year since their first birthday. The “being a kid” factor won out and Aidan had an 11th birthday party. We just decided to keep it smaller than other parties, which was actually really hard. I’m so glad we had the party!

Jan 2015 035

Nerf wars have been very popular with Aidan and his friends this year, but the winter weather has made them hard. They were all pretty excited to get together for one again.

Jan 2015 001

This gym has a good amount of space for the boys to chase each other, plus it has hiding places. Perfect.


Jan 2015 031

It was almost impossible to get them all to stay still at the same time for a picture, which I guess means they were having fun.

Jan 2015 028

Add in a few trampolines and you know this crew slept well that night!


They must be getting to the age where they start eating us all out of house and home because we went through a crazy amount of pizza afterwards. Of course, there is always room for cake.

Jan 2015 043

Aidan had a wonderful birthday. Thanks to all of his friends who made it special for him.

Jan 2015 036

For Aidan’s Nerf War cake and cupcakes, I decided to go camouflage. Since yellow is not the most boyish color, it seemed like a good idea.


The cake was pretty obvious with the iconic Nerf sign in fondant and a dart.


The cupcakes were not as easy for me though. I finally decided to make a target out of chocolate using my cookie molds.


Aidan was pretty happy with the results.