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Share Your Playlist

Let’s face it, summer running can sometimes be tough.  It’s hot outside and our schedules are packed.  We run really early or sometimes really late.  We may not catch up with our running friends as often as we would like to.  But we still run because we love it and it is part of who we are.  My mantra “Never Regret A Run” is still true for me.


So in the summer I think your running playlist is super important.  What do you listen to get you through those tough runs?  Here is my current playlist.  It’s good for between 10 and 13 miles, depending upon your pace.  Have you ever used GarageBand to speed up the pace of some of your favorite slower songs so that you can run to them?  It’s a great trick.

playlist 1 playlist 2 playlist 3

I’m a big AudioFuel fan as well.  They have a bunch of different choices, all with audio coaching.  These are my favorites:

What do you run to?  Share your playlist with us.  And remember during those hot summer runs:

dont give upToday I changed my running plans at the last minute because of a facebook reminder that it is not always safe to run solo.  So I ran less miles but I added hills.  Guess what?  I ended up loving my run today.

Run Collage

Another running metaphor that often applies to the rest of life as well:


After my run the boys and I crossed one of those “fun” tasks off of the list and got new tires for my car.  Tires are so important, but not the most fun thing you can do with your day.



So we went bowling with our friends afterwards.  We all had a great time and the boys (yes, we all have only boys!) had a great time seeing how many bowling balls they could fit on our lanes.


So, I am wondering, what safety precautions do you take when you are running alone?

Catch Up

Life got crazier this week!  Yikes!  So it is one of those times where I am just going to do my best to keep up.  I will post a race recap soon though.  Here are the boys and I after I got home.  They had a fabulous time at the boardwalk with Nana and Popop while I was away and apparently won every prize there.

post race

But here is a bit of catch up on what we have been up to:

Sunday after the race we met a bunch of friends to take the boys bowling (yes, they are all boys!).  The boys had fun and I was immensely grateful when I realized we were ordering pizza there for dinner!  There was pretty much no way I was cooking on Sunday.


Bowling D

Monday was sports day – soccer and baseball.  😉


Today Dane had his class trip to the lighthouse.  One of the benefits of where we live is that the kids get to take class trips to the beach.  This is one of the best.  They have a scavenger hunt and climb the lighthouse and picnic.  The weather was perfect.  I am sad I had to miss this one.  Thanks for the great pics Sandy!

D lighthouse trip1

lighthouse collage

At least I got to have this awesome salad for lunch.  This might be worth the drive into Philadelphia itself!


A little reminder.


And a little inspiration, courtesy of Deirdre.  Couldn’t come at a better time.  Thanks Deirdre!

be strong

So, I am wondering, what do you do to get through life’s busy times?

2014 Kickoff

2014 is off to a great start for us!  The boys and I welcomed the new year with a great bunch of friends – a theme I hope we can continue all year long.

NYE A horn1

We started the night off bowling, which is one of Sandy’s traditions.  The kids loved it, of course.  Sandy remembered that the bowling alley is BYO, which made it more fun for the adults too!

NYE bowling collage

Then we went back to the house for more fun.  We ate too much food again!  (How many times does that happen over the holidays?  Or is it just me?)  We wore silly hats and glasses.

NYE Girls in Hats

NYE kids hats

The kids got along so well and all but one made it to watch the ball drop.

NYE tree

NYE crackers3

The countdown was fun, but the sparklers were the highlight for the kids, I think.

NYE A sparkler

NYE me

It was the boys’ first New Year’s party and the first time they stayed up until midnight.  I am sure it is a night they will always remember.  It was one of my favorites too. ; )

Now for the pressure… Sandy, are you going to run that race with me???

So, I am wondering, are you starting a diet now?  Or maybe just try to eat healthier?  I know I sure am!

Local Fun

Another day of sleeping late.  Well, as late as two kids and a dog allow.  You have to love a week off!  Today we met friends for some local fun – lunch out and bowling.  Both perfect activities for the kids to be entertained and the girls to catch up.

bowling groupThe kids could not get enough of each other today.  They were planning sleepovers and even wanted to go food shopping together!  Anything is possible when you are a kid, I guess.

bowling sillyIn keeping with our local sights theme, the boys and I stopped by a local historical train station, originally built in the mid 1700’s.  We know this site well –  we help keep it clean with the Cub Scouts at least twice a year.  This time we paid more attention to the historic details.  History is magical for kids.  They love to imagine what life was like in another era.

boys @ store2This is the old stone store.  It is open to walk through sometimes too.

D @ store

The restored train and tracks are a fun reminder of the way life used to be.  I am always surprised that someone does not turn the train into a restaurant though.  I would go!  I love train restaurants.

pillar A

farm door crop.JPGIt was another cool place to explore in our “neighborhood.”

Me & A2

Me & DSo, I am wondering, when was the last time you went bowling?


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