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Hay Ride

This weekend we went on a night hayride with the Scouts.  We love this event and we had the perfect weather for it.


It is so much fun to be at a farm at night. The corn maze is much harder in the dark!  Last year one group actually could not find their way out! They called us on their cell phones and the owner of the farm had to go in and get them. 😉  So glad I wasn’t with them. I “let” the boys go in with our friends again this year.  The kids all love the hay pit. I think it is their favorite part, although it is tough to get good pictures of them in there.

hay pit

I love sitting by the fire with my boys and our friends and roasting marshmallows. Definitely the epitome of fall.


You can’t beat smores!

2014-10-19 23.50.15

By then end of the night we were ready to fall asleep on the hay ride.


Can’t wait for next year already. Thanks for organizing this Lisa!

Apple A

Here is a quick treat that my guys love. Cookie dough bites.

cookie dough bites

So, I am wondering, have you been on a hayride this year?

Hay Day

This Saturday was our Hayday.  Well, heyday for our soccer team.  The Red Dragons certainly are enjoying a lot of success this season!  Still undefeated and we had a very fun game.  We have such a great group of kids on our team and they share a wonderful team dynamic.  One game left (the game that was rained out will not be rescheduled).  I wonder if we can make it to an undefeated season?  We will miss these guys when the season is over!

The rest of Saturday was literally a hay day.

hay throw 1We spent the day at the annual Fall Harvest Wine Festival at the lake in our town.  We were with our great friends and had so much fun.  These kids (and us moms) have been friends forever.  Since before the little one was born, actually!  This is the scarecrow making station, but the kids found an alternate use for it.

hay throw2


Of course Eileen and I didn’t make a clean getaway.  Let me tell you, hay is not that comfortable once it gets under your clothes!  Thankfully there was wine to distract us.  The kids were not bothered by it though.  Next they were on to the miniature corn maze.

corn maze4

corn maze2

They are getting so big!  I truly can’t believe it some days.  After they were done with the hay and had played all of the games they headed to the beach to roll around in the sand.  Literally.  But why not?  They were already coated in hay!


Saturday night we took a road trip to another annual fall tradition – the nighttime hay ride at Butterhof’s Farm with the Scouts.  You guessed it –  more hay!  This farm actually has a giant hay pit where the kids are allowed to throw hay for as long as they want.  It was raining a bit, but the kids didn’t mind.  This year they built a hay fort.100_1461

The hayride is so nice at night.  It is not a haunted hayride – just a relaxing trip through the fields of the farm.  Usually you can lay back and watch the stars.


There is a corn maze at this farm too.  I abstained.  It’s a good thing we usually go to the farm with friends or the boys would totally miss out on all of the mazes!  Last year my friends reminded me why I skip the corn maze.  A large group (including the boys!) went into the dark corn maze only to emerge more than an hour later after the owner went in to rescue them!  They were lost in the maze in the dark!  Cell phones were ringing all over the farm during that hour, let me tell you!  But this year it was a bit easier, with a map and a scavenger hunt.

Dessert was smores by the bonfire and apple cider.  :)  Dane decided to experiment with his smores technique this time and toast the graham cracker as well.


It was a great day.

D Butterfofs  A Butterhofs

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite fall food?



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