IMG_20150305_170328Another snow day! Is this still fun? There is that whole guilt free sleep-in, you do not have to get dressed all day thing. It’s hard to argue with that. And my friends convinced me that I am practically required to make cookies on a snow day. It is a good excuse.


It’s probably safe to say we are all ready to declare this our last snowstorm of the season. Just to balance out all of the cookies we will be eating today, I roasted some veggies too. Having the oven on all day is perfectly fine while it is snowing out.


I am so glad I got six miles in yesterday when it was warm! Do you think this will all melt by tomorrow? 😉 So you know by now that I take a ton of pictures while I am running. I also change my music, text and sometimes talk on the phone (I know you guys love those conversations!). It’s all too much for the poor wires on my headphones and they are constantly breaking. This last time I went for a lower model Bluetooth pair. I love them! Sort of… I love not having a wire attached to my phone. But these headphones are so big! Without a headband they don’t even stay in my ears. Runner friends – let me know what Bluetooth headphones you love. I need help.


Here is some random silliness from our Philly trip yesterday. I guess my kids are taking after me with the whole picture taking thing. In all fairness, I got it from my mom. Right, mom? I can’t even tell you about the drive yesterday. Apparently a prediction of snow is all it takes for the roads to get really crazy.


Dane needed a perspective picture of Fezziwig for school. He doesn’t realize he is tiny.


Don’t you love this? I’ll tell you more about it later. Namaste – the light in me sees the light in you. It’s a great thing to practice seeing the good in others.