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Goodbye Cub Scouts… sort of


Aidan “graduated” Cub Scouts this past weekend! He is now officially a Boy Scout. Once your kids get to a certain age, they don’t have that many milestones anymore.¬†When one sneaks up on you it’s kind of bittersweet.



It is hard to believe that his 5 years in Cub Scouts are over. Here he is crossing the bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.


We had a great time at the Blue and Gold dinner with Nana and Popop.


There are ceremonies and slide shows and tons of desserts. The best part is being with all of our friends and family though.

BlurImage(24-2-2015 11-37-32)

Of course Aidan and his friends were sad to say goodbye.


Luckily they can still go camping with their siblings! Dane has a few years left to hang out with his crew.


It’s a good thing too, because they are definitely not done being silly together yet.


Dane didn’t love the saluting part…


But they were definitely all into pizza and video games after a long day.


Looking back at all of the fun times we have had with the Scouts makes me smile and feel very proud of the young men my guys are becoming.



We will always remember “Go See Its” and

Pie eating contests…


Camp Citta…


Campfires and movies…


Learning “boy” things…


Den projects…


Summer camp…


Fishing in the lake with friends…




Early morning breakfast at Mohawk…


Medieval camping…


Christmas caroling…


Beach picnics…


The Pinewood Derby!!!


Bottle rocket derbies…

i phone pics 102


i phone pics 180

Putting up your first tent without help from any adults…

image18-e1397542165291-1024w_2205Geocaching and the family picnic.


We are going to miss Pack 61. Thanks for such a wonderful ride.



Today I started the never ending project of making chocolate desserts for the boys’ dens at the Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner.  Why does it always seem like just a quick little project?  “Oh, I’ll just make chocolate covered stars and chocolate covered candy bar taxis.”  Hours (and often days!) later I finally finish them.  I guess that is the beauty of chocolate though.  Unlike baking, you can start and stop production to fit your schedule.  For Aidan’s den, I am making chocolate covered candy bar taxis!  Wow, these are really a lot of chocolate! 

choc taxis

Each den is representing a state and obviously Aidan’s den (12) has New York.  Not so obviously, (from my dessert, anyway) Dane’s den has Texas.  Since I am a leader for Dane’s den I try to put extra effort in for Aidan’s den when I can.  This time, Aidan’s dessert was my main focus.  For Texas, I decided to go with the yellow chocolate and make chocolate covered stars.  Get it, the Lone Star State?  Like I said, not so obvious.

ken 011

Ken, our 22 pound cat, wanted to help me today.  He loves jumping on top of the kitchen cabinets to have a better view of “his” house and “his” people. 

ken 001

Have I ever shown you Ken’s smiley face? 

ken 005

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite dessert to make for a large group of people?

Final Preparations

Final preparations for our big weekend are under way and we are exhausted!  The boys got their banner and flag completed tonight for the Blue and Gold Dinner this weekend.  An hour and a half seems like a long time for a meeting, but it flies by while we are working on projects.  Our den flag is an ongoing project that will be added to as the boys progress in rank each year.  Here is the front so far:

flag front

valentines 010

We chose a camping theme for this side of the flag because camping twice a year is such a big part of scouting.  Our camping trips usually have themes, so we will add something to our flag commemorating the theme after each camping trip.  So far these boys have attended 3 camping trips (as scouts and not siblings!) – Frontierland, Dinosaur Days and Minecamp (Minecraft).  The back of the flag has a section for each rank the boys will pass through.  We will add memorable items from each year to this side as well.

valentines 003

flag back1

The Central Park Half Marathon is only 3 days away as well!  The girls and I are figuring out all of the race day logistics like whether we should drive in or take the train (final decision is to drive – the subway is too unreliable on a Sunday!).  It seems like bag check and bib pick up will be quite easy with this race.  Security at races has been pretty tight since Boston, so you never know.  Another hot topic is what to wear to the race.  We are all used to running in 20 degree weather!  Today was a first breakthrough of warmer weather and we could barely take it on our run!  Race day weather is supposed to be great, so we will have to shed a few layers.


I guess Eileen and I won’t need the hats I made for us after all. 

hats 001

Of course, there will be 2 basketball games and baseball tryouts before any of this happens.  Life moves fast around here!

So, I am wondering, what do you have planned for the weekend?




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