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Thanks For Such A Special Day

I am very lucky to have so many amazing people in my life and days like today really remind me of that. Thanks so much for your texts, calls and posts. They made my day. I also got to spend time with some of my favorite people.


My sweet boys started the day for me with breakfast and presents in bed. They are seriously the best.


They brought me my favorites. Since you are totally allowed to eat every meal twice on your birthday, I had a lemon zinger and an acai bowl with the girls for my second breakfast.


BlurImage(19-11-2014 10-8-50)

Today was classroom visit day at the boys’ schools. It is so nice to see where they spend most of their day. We could not believe how cold it was on the way to school though!


Melissa may be my only friend who shares my love of protein shakes and bars. We spent hours catching up and laughing and, of course, trying new shakes.


I had to take a few hours off of eating because my mom was making my favorite for dinner. How lucky am I that I still get to request my favorite dinner on my birthday!  Thanks mom! I am not even going to tell you how many of these cannoli I had afterwards. If you are not from the New York/New Jersey area you must try cannoli when you visit here. They don’t make them right anywhere else I have been.


Thanks again for such a special day. :)

So, I am wondering, (although I may already know Tara!) are scrunchies really that bad?


Great Day!

My birthday is off to a great start!  Gingerbread coffee in bed from my two favorite people and tons of birthday wishes from friends and family.  :)  Thanks everyone!


gingerbread coffee1And guess what?  When I got on the computer today to write this post, Google wished me a Happy Birthday!  How crazy!  This was the picture and when I scrolled over it with my mouse it said “Happy Birthday Colleen”.  It is going to be a good day.  Thanks, guys.

Birthday Google

Birthday Dinner Happiness

Tomorrow is my little guy’s birthday!  We will be very busy seeing Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and attending a Scouting event, so we had his traditional birthday dinner of Chinese food tonight.  It is one of his favorites and a fun tradition on his birthday.  Usually we order a bunch of random items off of the menu and sample them all.  Since it is a school night, though, we stuck to our favorites – vegetable lo mien, fried dumplings, egg rolls, fried rice and hot and sour soup.  Yum!

Veg Lo Mein

fried dumplings

Tomorrow will be a fun day.  I am going to surprise him with balloons and streamers when he wakes up and a giant red velvet cupcake for breakfast!  Well the decorations might not be that much of a surprise since it is another one of our traditions.  Maybe he forgot.  But it will still be fun.

I ran my eight miles again today in honor of eight years.  Two down, one more to go.  It was a nice run past the lake and through the neighborhood.  Margie – next time beep!  (Just try not to scare the !#@ out of me!).  Have I mentioned that I like where I live?  It’s a town full of friends, good scenery and a good variety of running courses.


It was also haircut day.  Just a coincidence that I am included in that statement.  I always try to have the boys “cleaned up” before birthdays and holidays.  It’s not their favorite, but they look so handsome when they are done!  While I was at my salon I noticed a picture I had not seen previously.

Happy pic

I love this one because I truly believe that our perspective informs and sometimes acts as a catalyst for the events of our life.  A happy outlook can lead to good things happening in your day, even if it is just to make someone else feel happy.  I would love my boys to see this regularly.  I do have a somewhat similar picture hanging at our house.

Happiness pic

Here’s to birthdays and happiness all rolled into one.

So, I am wondering, do you ever notice how your outlook affects your day?

Party Time…Almost

It’s party prep time at our house again.  Birthday parties are always a big deal for us and the boys enjoy the planning almost as much as the party itself.  They talk about possible themes for days and, as far as they are concerned, the sky is the limit.  They really are very creative.  I love the innocence involved in what they think is possible.  They are not held back by what we may think of as practical considerations.  As a result, they come up with some great ideas.  They are still young enough as well to think that mom can make it all happen.  No pressure.  This year we settled on a mixed theme of Plants (from Plants v. Zombies) v. Creepers (from Minecraft).  I feel pretty strongly that zombies are not a great party theme for kids parties.  The boys were upset that I was violating the integrity of the game for a bit, but then they realized they could combine two of their favorite games.  Bonus.

party bags

My son decided early on that he wanted a Nerf War party at our local children’s gym.  It is a great boy party, if a bit shorter than most other places.  So, it will be a shoot out between the plants and the creepers.  I just hope the war is won by the time the party planner tells us to move on for pizza.  Just to be safe, I am letting her tell the 20 armed children it’s time to go.


There is still much to be done.  Of course this is happening in the midst of a busy time for us otherwise.  Some nights when I am up late getting things done I wonder if I will ever get to sit and knit again.  So I found a quick knit for a cabled headband to work on in my down time.  (haha)  It is similar to one I have had my eye on in one of my favorite catalogs.  I just could not bring myself to order it knowing I could make it myself.  I wanted to write a pattern myself, but there is just no time for that right now.  So I found a great pattern on Ravelry.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crab-claw-hairband—headband  Here is my version so far.


One more thing.  I had to pick our first baby pumpkin from our garden today.  I am kind of sad about that because the boys and I really wanted it to grow big.  But the plant was not doing well and I didn’t want to lose it altogether.  So we have a cute tiny pumpkin.


So, I am wondering, what birthday party did you or your child enjoy the most?

Welcome Fall!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  The weather is wonderful and there are so many fun activities in our area from apple and pumpkin picking to camping with the Cub Scouts.  Today I spent the first day of Fall doing one of my favorite activities – racing!  The girls and I headed to the Cape May Vineyards this morning for the Down the Shore 5K (Run the Vineyards series).



The weather was just slightly cool, which was perfect as we ran down tree covered streets (in the shade!) and then through the vineyard.  If you ever want to run a scenic 5k with plenty of perks, try this one.  My only complaint is that it was a gun start.  I mean come on.  How much more could it cost to put a second mat down?  Thank goodness for Runkeeper and Garmin.  Inaccurate results are a pet peeve of mine.  I was happy with my time.  It was not a PR for me, but not off by much.  I didn’t feel like I was going to die at any time during my run, which is a sure sign I could have gone faster.  That is ok though.  This one I really enjoyed.


Overall it was a very fun race.   The reasonable entry fee included a wine tasting after you finished, which the girls and I took full advantage of.  Thankfully we had a designated driver!  (Thanks again, Mary!)  The wine was good and the conversation was great.  What fun to hang out with your girlfriends and chat over wine on the deck overlooking the vineyard.  We learned a few new things too!  (You won’t believe where we might get a new church in town!)


After a quick shower I was off to join my family for a birthday celebration where the birthday boy insisted his birthday was yesterday!  (His party was yesterday).  It was great to have some of our family together.  I decided (although I am somewhat biased) that we have cute kids in our family.  It is fun to watch them play together.


imageimageWe capped off the day with Scouts where we got to see more good friends.  I hope every day this Fall is as good as this one.

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite local wine or beer?

Visions of Last Time Flash Inside My Mind…

I know you’re looking at that cave and you’re feeling kind of brave…Don’t Mine At Night.  Minecraft lyrics keep running through my mind today.  It might have something to do with the million times we listened to that song in preparation for our Minecraft camping trip with Scouts.  I have a feeling Minecraft will be very unpopular with me by the time we are done camping.

Today was a beautiful day for a pirate ride with the Jersey Shore Pirates.  www.jerseyshorepirates.com  My nephew had his birthday party there today and you really could not ask for a better party.  The kids loved it.



Admiral Aidan, Daring Dane and the rest of the young pirates successfully found the treasure, defeated Pirate Pete and celebrated with grog, pizza and cake.


Before we headed off to pirate adventures, our soccer team had another great win – 3 and 0 so far!  My little goalie successfully defended his first penalty kick today.  It was his first experience one on one with a direct kick, and as his mom/coach I was a little nervous.  It was a good kick, but he caught it!  This is the face of a proud kid!  It was an exciting and happy moment for us.


While we were at the game my other guy was making pumpkin cake with Nana.  I wish you could have smelled the house when we walked in!  Heaven!  Needless to say we got forks and dove right in.  My family has an affinity for pumpkin.  Pumpkin muffins, pancakes, pie, soup, we love them all.  The cake was delicious!  Mmm : )


Tomorrow is another busy day…  I can’t believe I have another race and I didn’t get to write about last week’s half marathon yet!  The pictures are in and I will eventually share them.  Tomorrow I am off to Run the Vineyards.  Wish me luck!

So, I am wondering, what is the best kids birthday party you have taken your child to?  What made it so good?


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