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The Journey Is The Point

The journey continues, both literally and figuratively for us.  We will soon be off to visit family.  Luckily the boys and I enjoy the adventure of getting there – shuttle buses, planes, hotel and all.  I am not sure we can say the same for the dog, but he is happy once we arrive.


The journey is an important part of distance running too.  It takes a while to get to your destination!  You might as well enjoy it.

10 miles

We have been enjoying being back at the beach after a week of camp.  We had a great day with my nephews and sister in law.  Can you believe how cute this guy is?  He is the sweetest too.

beach cousins1

The boys love playing with their cousins.

beach cousins 4

And I love holding this guy.

beach cousins 3

The boys and I took a little time out from running errands today for some photo booth fun.

photo booth2

photo booth1

photo booth1

It was another beautiful day at the beach with friends today.

beach day 9

The kids had a blast collecting the jellyfish that had washed up on the beach.  The water was perfect today too.

beach day3

beach day6

beach day5

beach day 4

beach day7

beach day2

clouds journey

Patterns Forming

I can hardly believe we have reached the state we have dreamed about for so long – relaxation!  Once the past year got going it didn’t seem like we had any breaks to slow down and relax, so we are taking advantage of this time now.  Today we went to the beach with friends again.  Ahh…

beach collage1

Relaxing isn’t as easy as you might think though.  We are still a bit restless without a schedule, although there are definitely patterns forming to our days.  Thank goodness for yoga!  It is helping us all “be present” and “acknowledge the importance of resting.”  Sometimes it is hard not to plan for what is happening next.


My yoga instructor loves this book.  Have you read it?  I am thinking of getting an actual paperback copy (I read every day without fail – but exclusively on my kindle at this point) so I can bring it with me to the beach and leave it in my car for an impromptu read.

yoga book

In keeping with our new patterns, we took Fezziwig for a walk after dinner.  I wonder how long it would take us to get bored of all of this relaxation?  Next week starts the summer sports schedule, so I guess we won’t get to find out.

fezzy walk

I think it is a rule that you absolutely can have ice cream or fro-yo every night of the summer.  If anyone asks, tell them I said it was ok.

So, I am wondering, have you read a good book recently?

Breaking Down Walls

“Just seize every opportunity you have, embrace every experience. Make a mark, for all the right reasons.”   Chrissie Wellington.

Today was a runner’s dream.  Well this runner’s dream, anyway.  It was foggy, in the upper 50’s, and still pre-season on the island.  That means no crowds, no hot sun and no red lights.  Perfect.  So I decided to run farther than I have run before.  Until today, the longest I have run is 13 miles.  Not anymore! :)


Every once in a while you have to prove to yourself that your limits are not where you think they are.  Plus, my next half marathon is coming up and I have to run 13 miles before a half or I risk hitting a wall at mile 10 on race day.  Along the way I passed a couple of water towers…

water towers

There are so many little towns on the island that sometimes the water towers are the best way to know which one you are in.  Eileen ran the first 6 miles with me, which made the time go so much faster.  I also passed a couple of friends along the way – I love that.

Running on the island has me dreaming of lazy summer beach days with friends.  I can’t wait!  It is the one place where the moms have as much fun as the kids.  I’m all set.  Bathing suit came in the mail (catalog shopping is the best – thanks Athleta!) and I finally got my beach badge.

beach badge

Soon this will be us again.

beach collage summer

One last thing.  It is so great to come home and have someone excited to see you – every time!


So, I am wondering, is there a goal you are trying to reach?


Fun With Friends

The boys and I are very lucky people.  We have great friends.  Lately we have been having a lot of fun with them.

running girls

This morning the girls and I had a great 7 mile run.  You would not believe some of the things runners talk about while running.  We pretty much know everything about each other and that is how we like it.  We laughed so hard this morning…

I also got to go to the zoo with Dane for his class trip yesterday.  It was raining on our way to the zoo, but the kids really did not care at all.  The rain did stop and the kids loved running around the zoo.

Dane zoo

The animals were cool, but it was more about the kids being together.

Zoo 008Zoo 014

Sandy, Sharon and I all chaperoned, so we got to spend the day together too.  These are special times with our kids and our friends.

The morning rain left us with an afternoon of no sports.  Free time???  Crazy!  So the boys and I headed to the beach for a summer preview.

beach collage

So glad we did.

Zoo 016

Dane had a soccer game today and played so well.  I am so proud of him.  The whole team played great today, actually.  They made their coach very proud.  :)

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite thing to do with friends?



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