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Just Go With It

Today looked absolutely nothing like we planned, and that’s ok. It ended up being a great day anyway.

BlurImage(6-3-2015 3-21-8)

Today was supposed to be school, a long run, soccer practice with my team and camping at the Philadelphia Zoo. And all of them were cancelled for snow! Well running wasn’t cancelled, but the boys were home. We decided to just go with it.


So after rescheduling the zoo trip, we went out to have some fun with friends in the snow.


This is a great crew! They scout together, play sports together, are in the same classes, and always have fun together.


Since this is our last snow (according to me, anyway!) we had to get some good snowboarding and sledding in.


Photo bombing is one of these guys’ favorites.  The only way to get a real picture of them anymore is to promise a photo bomb at the end. Lol.


I did manage to squeeze a quick run in at the end of the day.


I’m looking forward to seeing these guys again soon.

Time Off

You may have noticed I took some time off from blogging. Sometimes time off is just necessary, I guess. The good news is that I got caught up on some things that were getting really tough to fit in, including sleep. Wearing my Jawbone Up made it really clear to me that I am not getting nearly enough sleep! So this week I made up for that by getting a few early nights in. When was the last time you got to bed early? You should try it.


I love this little reminder. Being present and appreciating our every day activities is not always easy, but it can change your life. Also, I love the SUP yoga picture.  It reminds me of being the only person to fall off of my paddleboard last summer during yoga class! Yup, I look over at Jeannette doing a perfect handstand on her paddleboard and end up in the water. 😉 I have been loving yoga again lately since I am sidelined from running. Some days I really just need to get out there though. I know, I know. So when I just need a run, I make it a very little run. And only if my leg can handle it that day.


I guess this is probably why.


The boys and I decided to have a picnic dinner on the bay tonight and watch the sunset. It was a beautiful night.


We love living close to the water.

2014-10-17 20.49.45

At first the boys didn’t want to give up their video games, but they ended up so happy we went. It is a great feeling when your kids thank you for taking them somewhere.

2014-10-17 20.59.04

It is getting dark so much earlier already! It seems like it was just summer break.

2014-10-17 20.58.22

2014-10-17 20.52.48


Here we are just having fun at home.


And Fezzy in the tub. He loves taking a bath! He runs around in circles he is so excited.


So, I am wondering, when was the last time you went to bed early and were not sick?

Patterns Forming

I can hardly believe we have reached the state we have dreamed about for so long – relaxation!  Once the past year got going it didn’t seem like we had any breaks to slow down and relax, so we are taking advantage of this time now.  Today we went to the beach with friends again.  Ahh…

beach collage1

Relaxing isn’t as easy as you might think though.  We are still a bit restless without a schedule, although there are definitely patterns forming to our days.  Thank goodness for yoga!  It is helping us all “be present” and “acknowledge the importance of resting.”  Sometimes it is hard not to plan for what is happening next.


My yoga instructor loves this book.  Have you read it?  I am thinking of getting an actual paperback copy (I read every day without fail – but exclusively on my kindle at this point) so I can bring it with me to the beach and leave it in my car for an impromptu read.

yoga book

In keeping with our new patterns, we took Fezziwig for a walk after dinner.  I wonder how long it would take us to get bored of all of this relaxation?  Next week starts the summer sports schedule, so I guess we won’t get to find out.

fezzy walk

I think it is a rule that you absolutely can have ice cream or fro-yo every night of the summer.  If anyone asks, tell them I said it was ok.

So, I am wondering, have you read a good book recently?


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