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Wow!  This was a crazy, fun, bittersweet weekend for us filled with friends, family and happenings.  Never a dull moment!  Here are my two resilient sweeties.

me and boys

We started the weekend off by saying goodbye to the teams that have been such a big part of our life for the past couple of months.  Aidan had another great season with Coach Brett and Coach Jeff.  Thanks guys!

baseball collage

Our last soccer game was so much fun!  We started off with team pictures (I will probably post them again when I get the “good” ones!).


It was kind of nice that we won – it just adds to the excitement.  I am so happy I am able to share these special times with Dane.  I was lucky to have a great assistant coach too.  Scott (and Corinne) I will miss you guys so much next year!

soccer collage

I think the boys had an exciting last game and fun receiving their medals afterwards.

soccer fun collage

Look what I got!  The local artist who made this incorporates sand from the island in her glass beads.  Two things that I love – coaching and the beach.  I love it!  The C Glass Studio.


Saturday was also Founder’s Day in our town and there are parades and fireworks and festivities.  We had a bit of excitement ourselves and got to spend the day with my parents and my nephew.  Pizza is always a good idea in my family.


Then we headed out to the fireworks.  It was kind of a last minute decision, so we just grabbed what we needed and went.  I was pretty happy that I still had about 100 glow sticks in my garage waiting to be used!  Every time I see these in the dollar section I buy them.  Lol.  Some were seriously old and not quite as bright as others, but the kids were still happy!

fireworks collage

Sunday was another fun family day.  Happy Father’s Day!  Here are me and my dad – one of the best men you will ever be lucky enough to meet.  He means so much to us and we always have fun being with him.  I have fun with him whether we are coaching a team together or shoveling snow together!  Thanks for being such a great dad and Popop!

me and Carl

And here is my brother, another great dad, with one of his little guys.

John & M

We were also celebrating birthdays.  We have a lot of June birthdays in our family!

birthday collage

The kids had fun playing together as usual – even the big kids.

cousins collage

fun in the yard

I hope your Father’s Day and weekend were great too!

me and boys dday

So, I am wondering,do you like ice cream cake or regular cake better?

Game Ball

We had a busy weekend with a bunch of highlights.  The most exciting part of it was Aidan’s baseball game.  The Bulls are either in first place or a half of a game away from first place.  (I should know this, I’m sure!)  Aidan caught a hard hit fly ball in right field and played a great game overall.  His team won 9-4 and he was given the game ball!  I’m so proud of my guy.

Me & A 1

Here he is right after making the catch.

A catch

His team is on to the playoffs now.  Wish them luck!  Dane had a soccer game this weekend as well, but of course I can’t take any pictures while coaching.  Dane played really well and I am proud of him too!

We tried a new restaurant with friends after the game.  It has a tropical theme and the best frozen drinks!  The boys were so happy to hang out with their friends they didn’t even mind being at a restaurant!  Loren and I decided we are definitely coming back without kids sometime soon.

Me & Loren

Today the cousins got together for a picnic lunch and playground fun.  They are so cute together.  Can you guess who makes all of the decisions in this group?  Yup – the little one.


He decided the boys were going to put on an impromptu play for us.  We were entertained with tropical music and a story about bees pooping on people!  For the finale, the littlest guy decided to make an appearance.  Too cute!


That’s it.  Except I found a new version of vitamin water on the way to the playground today.  Sparkling vitamin water in my favorite flavor of all time – black raspberry.  😉  Life is good.

Vitamin water

So, I am wondering, what was the highlight of your weekend?

Catch Up

Life got crazier this week!  Yikes!  So it is one of those times where I am just going to do my best to keep up.  I will post a race recap soon though.  Here are the boys and I after I got home.  They had a fabulous time at the boardwalk with Nana and Popop while I was away and apparently won every prize there.

post race

But here is a bit of catch up on what we have been up to:

Sunday after the race we met a bunch of friends to take the boys bowling (yes, they are all boys!).  The boys had fun and I was immensely grateful when I realized we were ordering pizza there for dinner!  There was pretty much no way I was cooking on Sunday.


Bowling D

Monday was sports day – soccer and baseball.  😉


Today Dane had his class trip to the lighthouse.  One of the benefits of where we live is that the kids get to take class trips to the beach.  This is one of the best.  They have a scavenger hunt and climb the lighthouse and picnic.  The weather was perfect.  I am sad I had to miss this one.  Thanks for the great pics Sandy!

D lighthouse trip1

lighthouse collage

At least I got to have this awesome salad for lunch.  This might be worth the drive into Philadelphia itself!


A little reminder.


And a little inspiration, courtesy of Deirdre.  Couldn’t come at a better time.  Thanks Deirdre!

be strong

So, I am wondering, what do you do to get through life’s busy times?

Weekend Fun

Can you believe March is almost over and we might have more snow?  Dane brought this poem home from school and it makes me feel not quite so mad at the weather.  I know I am definitely ready for April and May.  I will even try not to complain about the rain this year. 

March poem

It was another busy, fun weekend at our house.  Well, mostly not at our house.  I kicked off the weekend with a long run with a couple of great gals.  Jen and Dawn – what are you doing this Friday?

13 again

Then Friday night we had a Cub Scout Pack Meeting featuring the Lizard guy.  He was really good with the kids!  They had a great time.

reptile show

Before the meeting the boys’ Pinewood Derby cars had to get some training in.  I bet you haven’t used your treadmill for this!  (Or maybe you have…)  The Ninja Mobile and the Black Hole had a big day on Saturday.

PWD cars

The District Pinewood Derby was Saturday morning after baseball practice.  This is the second round and a fun day.  The Lacey Township Pack did a great job of hosting the event – much better than other district events we have been to.  We are still biased.  Our Pack spoils us. 

Boys PWD collage

The boys cars performed well, but did not win.  Maybe next year… 

PWD district 014

The cars go quite fast and are so much fun to watch.  If the track is good, they reach speeds of just under 220 mph!

PWD district 027

PWD district 046

The boys’ cars have finally retired to their rightful place on their trophy shelves.  I wonder what designs they will choose next year.

PWD district 030

Today was a backyard day for the boys, followed by dinner at Nana’s and Popop’s.  A nice, relaxing finish to the weekend. 

A baseball collage Dane soccer collage

So, I am wondering, when do you plant your spring flowers?


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