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Race Recap and Other Fun Things

Half marathon time

What an amazing weekend! The April Fools half lived up to all of my memories and expectations and I was able to come home with a new PR by 2 minutes. The day started super early, as usual, with a sleepy fun car ride with Tara, Dawn and Kim. We all have our own pre race checklist and they are all so different. Coffee, oatmeal, pb&j sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, Ucann. I guess it goes to show that you just have to know what works for you because we all ended up having a great race.

SOL running club

We met up with the rest of the girls and enjoyed the pre race craziness. It was a beautiful day! I love being part of a running club/community. We are so lucky to get to share something that we all love to do.

Atlantic city boardwalk

This course is really beautiful! You run the length of the Atlantic City boardwalk then through Ventnor, Margate and to the end of the peninsula in Longport – then back. I really like out and back courses. It’s nice to have a feel for how much further you are running and I always get a huge rush of energy when I hit the halfway point. Next year I hope more of our running friends can make this race. Yes, I know my Runkeeper time is off of my chip time a little bit. I don’t stop my gps until I am past the finish line.

April fools half medal

The boys had a great time at the local amusement park with Nana while I was running. I am so lucky that my parents have the boys sleep over the night before a race. I get a great night’s sleep and the boys have fun with Nana and Popop. Thanks mom! They hit the jackpot in tickets on this game. They went home with shopping bags full of their prizes. :-)

Nana and boys

And of course there are rides.


I got to meet them there for a little while before we had to go get ice cream.


Saturday was soccer day. The little ones and my big guys. A perfect weekend.

BlurImage(13-4-2015 10-51-19)

So, I am wondering, how old were your kids when they started their first sport?

Race Prep – Take 2

It’s like Christmas for me lately – 2 races in 2 weekends! Today was packet pick-up for the April Fools half marathon this weekend.


The boys and I met Tara and her crew in Atlantic City to get our gear and have some fun.

Giant blender

It’s practically a rule that you have to pose with the giant blender when you are at Margaritaville. You can tell that the kids didn’t have any fun at all…


Our version of carb loading for a half is watching the kids eat fries and nachos! We loved the fish tacos though.


Since it’s race weekend I think I will wear clothes that are as close to pajamas as possible. That’s a good excuse, right?


One last run before Sunday.

BlurImage(10-4-2015 10-58-39)

Tomorrow is soccer day! Soccer shots in the morning and our travel team has our first game in the afternoon. I am excited. I hope the boys have fun.

So, I am wondering, what are you up to this weekend?

Up Next…

Getting ready to race

It’s race season!!!!  Yay! You have no idea how happy this makes me. This weekend is my favorite race of all – the April Fool’s Half marathon in Atlantic City. This was my first half and is still my favorite. I mean, how can you beat running along the boardwalk with these views.

April fools half course

Plus, it’s close enough that a lot of my friends usually run it. This has been a tough training season, weather wise, so I will miss some of my usual running buddies at the race this year. :-( Here are me and my girls from last year.

Race buddies April Fools 2014

Here we are with our SOL Sisters.



Time flies… I can’t wait to run it with Tara and Dawn this year. Here we are in 2013.


It has been raining non stop here lately! I’m not sure we will ever get a full week of soccer practice in! Some of my boys came out despite the weather. I always remember having so much fun playing soccer in the rain. These boys loved it too.

Soccer in the rain

There was no convincing them that practice should end early, and that was fine with me. They were all smiles right up until the end.

My soccer guys

I’m hoping for a lazy morning tomorrow. We might as well get something out of spring break, right? Even our pets know the morning routine around our house. Everything is better after coffee and a protein bar.

White cat

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Races and Friends

The end of summer is time to gear up for fall races.  I love fall races – the weather gets cooler and there are so many great races to choose from.  Thankfully I have kept my mileage up because I can’t fully commit to a training schedule until the kids are back in school.  For now I have to be happy with 8s and 10s and an occasional 13 or 14.


Here is my race schedule so far…  I have to admit I am thinking of adding one 5k in there.  Just one.  Melissa – come run it with me.  I guess it has been long enough that I have forgotten how painful they are!

Summer fun continues.  Beautiful beach days that will unfortunately stop suddenly.

beach me

Dinner with friends.  This restaurant has $1.00 kids meals sometimes, but you have to order off of the kids menu.  Our boys just might have outgrown this.  They each had two kids meals!  😉

calloways dinner.JPG

Dinner was followed by the biggest ice cream cones you have ever seen.


Dane and I took advantage of some down time by playing ping pong.  He is being picture shy lately though.

ping pong.JPG

So, I am wondering, how far in advance do you sign up for races?

April Fools Half Marathon 2014

Today was the April Fools Half Marathon in Atlantic City – my favorite race.  The conditions were perfect for running!  Sunny, cool and filled with a lot of great running friends. 


There were 15 girls from my running club running today.  This race seems to be the first half marathon for many girls in my club, and today was no exception.  Plus, a lot of us were looking for PRs, so it was sure to be an exciting day!

pre race collage

A bunch of us decided to wear tutus in response to the negative comments recently published by Self magazine.  It was my first tutu race and I have to admit that it was more festive than just regular running clothes. 

tutu gilrs

Part of the fun of racing with friends is hanging out before and after the race.  It’s always an early morning, but it is also always worth it.

sol pre race 5

One of the reasons I love this race so much is that the course travels parallel to the beach in Atlantic City.  I love the beach in the morning – it reminds me of the summers I worked on the beach when I was younger.  The sun on the water is so beautiful and the seagulls are cheering you on. 

beach collage

Eileen and I ran together for a lot of the race.  We chatted the race away like it was another training run. 


The race starts at the Revel casino in Atlantic City and runs through three other beach towns before coming back.  One of the highlights of the course is Lucy the 6 story elephant statue in Margate.  You can actually go inside the statue and come out on top for an elephant ride!  If you want to learn more about Lucy, look here.  http://www.lucytheelephant.org/?presets=preset5


I was hoping to get a PR at this race.  My prior best time for a half marathon was 2 hours, 10 minutes.  Last year I ran this race in 2 hours, 15 minutes.  Eileen and I didn’t sprint the course, but we kept an eye on our pace as we went.  Towards the end I decided to pick it up a bit to be sure I would get in under 2 hours.  Guess what?  I did it!  1 hour, 58 minutes! 

mdal collage

It is always a great feeling when you reach a goal!  I was not the only one either!  Many of my girls set a new PR today.  Time to celebrate.  How convenient that they give you free beer after the race!  (Yes, Cindy had one too!)

sol post race1

We had fun hanging out after we finished and cheering the rest of our girls in.

post race collage

Did I mention that we were also celebrating 2 birthdays today?  Here is Danielle with her birthday gear.

birthday girl

We were off to a celebratory lunch at Margaritaville after everyone finished.  It was officially the longest lunch we have had, but definitely fun.

sol post race lunch1

Then I got to come home and tell my boys the good news.  :)


If I had to guess, I would say I am going to be sore tomorrow.  Here is a throw back picture of my girls from a Jingle Bell race in 2012.  Today was so much fun, but I must admit that I missed some of my girls who could not make it.  Next year I hope we get all of the gang together for this one.

throw back 2012


So, I am wondering, did you have a good weekend?  What did you do?

Run and Play

Today I spent time in Aidan’s class helping the kids make Easter baskets for their party next week.  This is so special to me because now that he is in 4th grade these opportunities are few and far between.  Aidan’s teacher was smart though – she didn’t give us ALL of the details about the project.  Just that it involved balloons and would be messy.

Aidan mom

Yes, that is glue on Aidan’s hands!  And all over pretty much everything else!  What a sport Mrs. Eck’Art is!  The kids had a blast dipping material squares in glue and sticking them on their balloons.  And isn’t that what being a kid is all about?  Getting messy and having fun?  Well, part of being a kid, anyway.  When the glue dries the balloon will deflate and the kids will be left with a basket they made.  Mrs. Eck’Art promises.

balloon basket

I loved visiting with Aidan and his friends and seeing where he spends so much of his time.  I can’t say enough how lucky we are this year to have such great teachers and support staff.  The kids in Aidan’s class are a great group too.  It doesn’t always work out that way!  My boy is so sweet.  He still actually wants me to come into his class whenever I can and is sad when I leave.  I am one lucky girl!

Aidan class

We had soccer practice tonight where I gave the boys their uniforms for our first game this weekend.  We are feeling excited!  I think this is the first travel game for all of our players.  I hope it goes well!  There is a church event that some of our boys are required to attend at the same time as our game.  If everyone else makes it, we will have exactly enough players to play the game.  No subs.  Wish us luck!

soccer uniforms

This weekend is also the April Fools Half Marathon in Atlantic City.  This has been my most favorite race and I am really excited.  I hope it lives up to last year!

run and play

So, I am wondering, what are your weekend plans?


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