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30,000 Steps

Saturday was a 30,000 step day. It started out the best way possible for any day to start – with an early run with friends. Most of you know that I am really not a morning person. But getting up to run with friends is totally worth it. Great exercise, great conversation and you feel very accomplished when you are done before breakfast! Plus, the sunlight in the morning is amazing. Seeing this picture is making me want to go for another early run with these girls!

12 miles

Saturday is a soccer shots coaching day for me. We have a lot of kids come out to the park to learn soccer and it is a lot of fun. We were down a coach, so I recruited my guy to help me. He did such a great job with the kids and felt so proud when we were done. I’m looking forward to many more days of Soccer Shots with my boys.

Assistant coach

We have been having trouble catching up with our Scout friends with everyone’s different sport schedules, so we planned a weekend hike. It was a beautiful day for a picnic and football too!



From there we went to see the professionals play soccer. We love watching live sporting events, and we have been catching a few soccer games lately. This time we saw the Philadelphia Union play Toronto in Philadelphia. If you haven’t caught a professional soccer game yet, you should go.

Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia union game

This is how it became a 30,000 step day before it was even over. 

30000 steps

I’ll have to tell you about soccer Sunday later. Hope your weekend was great!

Fake Snow – the best kind

Today was long run day for me. Right now it’s just easier to get my long run in when the boys are in school. I have a feeling it’s going to get harder in the near future, so I am really appreciating the time now.

12 miles

This is my longest run since “recovering” from a stress fracture. :-) I thought about going 13 for the half, but I know that if I re-injured my leg I would really regret it. I was also making sure along the way that I wasn’t pushing too hard. It is really hard for me not to push to run faster. The truth is that I really should not try to PR in my upcoming races and that is going to be torture. I just have to remember how much better it is to be running instead of sidelined with an injury.

Elephant cake

After my run Jeannette fed me my favorites – crumb cake and a zinger (yes, the juice cancels out the cake ;-)). Look at this adorable elephant she made for a baby shower cake. Jeannette makes the best cakes – ask anyone. I’ll post a picture of the completed cake soon.

Seeing eye dog

We had seeing eye dogs visit at Cub Scouts tonight. The kids actually sat still for 20 minutes, which is a record at Scouts. They loved seeing what the dogs could do. Maybe we should teach Fezzy to answer the phone and put the boys stuff away. He could be really helpful around here.

Fezziwig on a pillow

Then the kids made fake snow and other science related projects. Fake snow is pretty cool (haha). It’s lasts forever, smells really good (especially if you use mint conditioner) and doesn’t make a mess. You should try it.

fake snow recipe

And who doesn’t like to finish the night with a chocolate fountain?


Spring weather is really messing with our soccer schedule lately. Cross your fingers that we at least get our scrimmage in tomorrow.

Beach Sunsets

Every summer the boys and I make sure we see at least one sunset and one sunrise on the beach.

Lighthouse sunset

We picked a good night for it!

lighthouse sunset 1

There was actually a bonfire and a band too, but the sunset might have been the biggest attraction.  We went with our good friends and the boys had a blast playing football and climbing on the rocks.

kids lighthouse 1

This is what happens when you give boys s’mores.

kids smores.JPG

kids smores 1.JPG

Melissa and I got to catch up while Paul played with the boys.  Thanks Paul!

C&M Selfie1

Isn’t this a crazy picture?

ice cream 2

The weekend actually started for me with a long run.

12 miles

run views

While the boys baked cookies and blueberry pound cake with Nana.

Nana A&D.JPG

Then we had a delicious lunch at Nana’s house.  This actually has quinoa, hummus, spinach, kale, edamame, black beans and tomatoes in it!  So yummy!


We ended the weekend with a walk in the park.  Well, Fezzy walked most of it.

Dog Walk

dog walk 1

So, I am wondering, did you see Transformers this weekend?  Did you like it?


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