Sweet Little Things

Valentine’s Day is almost here and the boys and I are excited.  We each have little gifts for each other and we can’t wait to surprise each other.  The anticipation is part of the fun though, and we are enjoying it.  While we wait, I made Valentine’s cookies and the boys had some friends over.

Valentines cookies1

Dane’s conference was as good as I thought it would be.  He is one smart kid!  I am so proud of him and it is great to hear that his teacher sees the same great qualities in him that I see.  There is a bright future awaiting my guys!

The boys had a book fair at their schools this week.  They each had a budget and could choose what they wanted.  Both boys came home with books and a gift for their brother!  Being brothers, they do sometimes get on each other’s nerves.  It is so nice when they find ways on their own to express that they care for one another.  Dane also bought me a gift.  : )  I am a pen person.  So sweet!


Tomorrow will be a great day.  I am lucky to have my special people to share it with.

So, I am wondering, how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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