Surfing Lessons Part 2

Another day in paradise.  Have I mentioned that we love where we live?

26 entrance lifeguard

Today it was Dane’s turn to “get his feet wet” surfing.

surf lessons D

Aidan was an excellent teacher and Dane was very excited to try it.

surf collage D

One lesson and he wants his own surfboard!  He loved it.  Thanks a lot Deirdre! 😉


The water is finally warming up – it was a balmy 68 degrees today.  Still too cold for the moms, but the kids are loving it.  Today there were a million tiny clear jellyfish swimming with the kids.  Can you see them in Erynn’s beautiful mermaid hair?  That was interesting to get out once we were home!

mermaid hair

The kids are still fascinated by giant holes in the sand.  This one was so deep that it filled itself with water!  We let Aidan and Erynn get in it for about a second before we helped them out.  All of our kids are very familiar with the danger of deep holes in the sand.

beach hole 2

The boys were actually ready to leave the beach today because they were so excited for their sleepover with their friends.  Summer memories…


So, I am wondering, how many snacks are too many at a sleepover?


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