Sunday Turnover

Hurray for the end of Sunday turnovers!  Well, almost.  Sundays are a strange day because you wake up to the freedom of the weekend and end the day with the tasks to prepare for the week ahead.  But summer vacation is just around the corner!  Soon we won’t even know what day it is.  Lol.

soccer team

We started our weekend with an amazing performance by Dane’s soccer team (of course I think of them as my team too!).  It was close to 85 degrees and the boys played on a full field for the first time – and they played their hearts out!  Every single player gave an outstanding effort.  It was so great to watch them apply the techniques we have been working on this season.  Scott and I were proud coaches!  Here is Dane with his new sport glasses before the game.

dane soccer 2

Today I finally started planting my flowers!  Usually I am done way before now, but the weather did not cooperate early on this year.  I still have a lot to do, but it is a start.

flowers col

I love this time of year because the flowers are beautiful and the produce is starting to get good.  I had an awesome salad for lunch today (I know – its not a bar!).


Then the boys and I went to see the Million Dollar Arm.  Have you seen it?  I definitely recommend it, although it is probably going out of the theaters soon.  It is based on a true story.  Its a great, inspirational family movie.  Movie selfies are tough…

movie selfie

Of course, we could not resist the frozen yogurt place next door.

fro yo

I am cracking up writing this because the last time Jeannette and I were texting about fro-yo her auto correct changed it to fro-up.  So not the same thing!  On to the week ahead…

So, I am wondering, what is the last movie you saw?

Also, what is your favorite kind of fro-yo?



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