Summer Must Haves

There are certain things you just should not be without in the summer.  One of those, of course, are beach days with friends.

JG A & D

The kids decided to collect as many sand crabs as they could today and move them all into a blue bucket hotel.  There were so many today!  Of course we had to have the conversation (again) that they are not coming home with us!


It was foggy this morning and the water was not warm, but it did not stop them at all.

foggy beach day.JPG

Coffee is another thing that I can’t do without – especially after a day at the beach.  This was a fun place to hang out and get coffee.

Jersey Girl Bagels

Of course frozen yogurt is on the list!

fro yo

This morning on my run I realized there are a few summer running essentials too.  Number one for me are good headphones.  I finally got these this summer after dealing with the ones that came with my phone falling out every time the wind blew.  Let’s face it – things are just more slippery in the summer.  And I can still talk on the phone with these if I need to.  Those of you that have had the pleasure of talking to me on the phone during a long run are very excited about this, I’m sure!


Sunscreen needs to be on the list.  I try to run early enough that it isn’t a big issue.  Also, I need my handana in the summer!  It is awesome!  If you have not tried these, you need to get one.



Good running music is pretty important to get you through a hot run.  This song (All I Ever Wanted Radio Edit) has been one of my favorites to run to lately.

So, I am wondering, what are some of your summer must haves?


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