Summer Fun

This week has flown by!  The boys and I decided to change up the beach for a few summer outings – just to keep things interesting.

golf m & B

Miniature golf was definitely a favorite this week.  Today we went with Nana and Popop.

Golf group

This has been one of our favorite mini golf courses on the island for a couple of years.  The boys loved the spider hole when they were younger.  Today they were more focused on how many holes-in-one we could get.

golf collage n&p

Everyone actually got one!  And a couple of us got more than one!  Here are Nana and Aidan after Nana got her second (or was it third?) hole in one.  Aidan was shooting off the cannon for her.  😉

Golf A & N

I started the morning off with a run, of course.  It is a good thing for yoga this week because it has not been my best running week!  Today I finally had a good run though.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that it was finally a little cooler outside.

8 miles

Dane had swimming lessons today too.  He is doing so great and loving it.

swim collage

At the end of the day we had story time on the swing.  We have been doing this for years now and we all still love it.  I’m so glad my boys still want to do these activities with me!

story time cololage

Earlier this week Loren and I took our boys and their friend to the zoo.  It takes about an hour to get there and we laughed because the boys had the best time playing their iPads together in the car.  We probably could have turned right around and driven home and they would have thought it was the best “play date” ever.

Zoo car

But we didn’t.  This zoo is the best because the animals actually have space to run around.  And there are a ton of trees, which means a lot of shade on a hot day!  Sometimes you feel like you are in a tree house here because the walkways are elevated and you are walking through the woods.  If you get a chance, visit the Cape May Zoo.

zoo collage

Have you ever seen albino deer?

We played more mini golf too – this time with our good friends.  There were so many kids!  Nine in our group that day.  They are such great kids too.  Not a single argument over anything!  They counted both the holes-in-one and the “most” hits taken.  I think 22 was the record for that.

golf gang

Tomorrow is the kids running club!  I am excited again.  Last week I brought the kids a “bad” snack – it was their first meeting!  Tomorrow I am bringing orange slices.  There is just something about orange slices and sports and good memories.


So, I am wondering, are you doing anything fun this weekend?


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