Special Times

I am so tired today that I was not going to post.  Then I thought about the special things I got to do with my boys today and didn’t want to miss the chance to write about them.

ilovemyboysToday was Dane’s practice at the arts center for his winter chorus concert.  He has been working so hard and even has a special narration part.  I was lucky to be able to chaperone the trip and get some front row pictures!  The kids did amazing and I am so proud of my guy!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI have some video, but I know certain parts are supposed to be a surprise for the parents.  I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone!

By the way, these pictures were taken with my new camera.  Why can’t I find a good point and shoot camera?  So frustrating!  I swear my cell phone takes better pictures most of the time.

Tonight was our second basketball practice coaching Aidan’s team.  We are getting the hang of our new sport and we have great kids on our team.  It has been a lot of work learning how to coach this sport!  It is all worth it though when my guy’s face lights up whenever he talks about us coaching his team.  He is so excited to go to practice!  No pictures yet.  We are so focused on getting all of our drills in at this point!  I will get some though.

Do you have one of these?

GrabNGab3It is a Hallmark elf that asks you questions and inserts them into a mad-libs style story.  The boys and I love it.  During snack tonight we put the batteries back in it and made a couple of silly stories.  The best part is that it changes your voice to an elf voice!

GrabNGab1We laughed and laughed and then made up new stories.  It is these moments that make life great.  <3  The elf does not save your story, so we saved them on my phone.  Here they are:

Elf Story Ga Ga Ball Audio

Saturday Fun Audio

So, I am wondering, do you collect seasonal Hallmark items too?


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