Special Days

Today was a special day.  I got to spend one on one time with my first true love.

Me and A

We were in Philly on a beautiful day and had a great time walking around and taking in the sights.

Philly fountain

Aidan had his first falafel!  So yummy!  Brings me right back to law school.  One thing we really need where we live are food trucks.  Shouldn’t these things be everywhere offering delicious ethnic food for practically nothing?  I know they should definitely be at the beach.


Of course we had to go to the Franklin Institute for a show and to see the exhibits.

FI - air force FI space suit

Aidan and I are old pros at these trips and I wouldn’t trade my special times with him for anything.

photo booth

Dane had a great day too.  It was his first day at Scout Camp.

scout camp

My sweet boys.

my loves

This weekend we celebrated my mom’s birthday with a boat ride.  Happy Birthday mom!


The boys were considering a swim with their cousins for a while…

boys on the dock

My brother gave the boys a lesson in physics and design with a little bit of MacGyver thrown in.  It looks like the engineering tradition will continue in our family.

advanced engineering

Words to live by.


So, I am wondering, do you think of Philadelphia as a big city or a small city?


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