Sparkly Day

Today was our prettiest snow day so far this year.  We got somewhere between 2″ – 4″ of soft fluffy powder.  It was really beautiful!  Sparkles everywhere.  Pictures really do not do it justice, but here is one of the sparkling blowing powder.



Tonight we finished up Aidan’s bay project.  His assignment was to make a model of a bay of his creation.  He was supposed to use mostly items he already had at home.  We did pretty well with that.  We ended up only buying 1 tub of playdoh (I can’t believe we actually had 4 tubs unopened here!  It has been a while!).  In class the kids will create brochures marketing their bay.  We had fun brainstorming ideas and the boys had a great time going through toys they haven’t played with in a while.  Mrs. Eck’Art – if you see this, act surprised when Aidan brings it in!

bay project 2

bay project1

We have a special visitor coming tonight.  Dane lost a tooth he only discovered was loose tonight at dinner!  Nothing like giving the poor Tooth Fairy notice!  Good thing she is always prepared.

tooth fairy

So, I am wondering, don’t you wish every snow was as easy to shovel as today’s?


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