Silver Linings

Today was the first day back to our routine after the holiday break.  We woke up too tired to get out of bed, listening to the pouring rain.  Of course it was still dark outside.  Talk about motivation!  I might have mentioned that I am not a morning person…  I was so tired today that I forgot to put a cup under my Keurig!  (Did you ever notice that the end of the brew is much lighter than the beginning?)  I grabbed the closest cup to save the rest of the counter!

bamboo 004

I had something to look forward to today though.  Eileen, Deidre, Ellyn and I were meeting for our first group run after the break.  Yay!  And even though it was pouring, it was quite warm outside – high 40s, low 50s.  This was the silver lining of the gray, rainy, too early day!


We had a great run, chatting about our break, the upcoming half marathon and anything else that came to mind.  Eileen gave us quite a work out too!  We ran the steepest hills in the neighborhood, which is something I definitely would not do by myself.  Now if only I could get my rain visor to stay up…


I jumped on the Yaktrax bandwagon the other day to be sure a little snow doesn’t derail my training.  It certainly sounds like a good idea!  I am not interested in any more injuries, that’s for sure.

yaktrax run features

I am not the first person to have this idea though.  Yaktrax Run is sold out in women’s sizes pretty much everywhere!  I got lucky.  I jumped on eBay at the right time and there they were – for less than half the original price!  I will be excited to try them out the next time it snows.

Maybe my luck came from my new bamboo plant.  My friend Lisa gave it to me to bring me luck in the coming year.  It is so pretty!  Thanks Lis!

bamboo 012

So, I am wondering, do you do anything to bring you luck in the new year?


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