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Let’s face it, summer running can sometimes be tough.  It’s hot outside and our schedules are packed.  We run really early or sometimes really late.  We may not catch up with our running friends as often as we would like to.  But we still run because we love it and it is part of who we are.  My mantra “Never Regret A Run” is still true for me.


So in the summer I think your running playlist is super important.  What do you listen to get you through those tough runs?  Here is my current playlist.  It’s good for between 10 and 13 miles, depending upon your pace.  Have you ever used GarageBand to speed up the pace of some of your favorite slower songs so that you can run to them?  It’s a great trick.

playlist 1 playlist 2 playlist 3

I’m a big AudioFuel fan as well.  They have a bunch of different choices, all with audio coaching.  These are my favorites:

What do you run to?  Share your playlist with us.  And remember during those hot summer runs:

dont give upToday I changed my running plans at the last minute because of a facebook reminder that it is not always safe to run solo.  So I ran less miles but I added hills.  Guess what?  I ended up loving my run today.

Run Collage

Another running metaphor that often applies to the rest of life as well:


After my run the boys and I crossed one of those “fun” tasks off of the list and got new tires for my car.  Tires are so important, but not the most fun thing you can do with your day.



So we went bowling with our friends afterwards.  We all had a great time and the boys (yes, we all have only boys!) had a great time seeing how many bowling balls they could fit on our lanes.


So, I am wondering, what safety precautions do you take when you are running alone?


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