I think it is time for me to admit that I caved and jumped on the selfie bandwagon.  I know, I know…  But I am really only into selfies with other people.  There are just some times that you can’t ask someone to take a picture for you.  Like when the girls and I were out last night.

girls selfie

Or today at our good friend’s communion.

M& A

Now if only I could figure out where the camera lens is for a selfie, it might not look like I am staring into space!

Aidan played a great game yesterday.  His team was up for most of the game, but ended up losing by one run.  It was an exciting game.


Today was pet bath day – always an interesting event in our house.  None of our pets are very fond of baths!  You can tell by the dirty looks they are all giving me afterwards.

ken  Belle & Fezzy

So, I am wondering, do your pets like baths?


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