School Mural

My little artist is going to be famous at school tomorrow!  Some of you may remember that Aidan won the mural art contest for his school a little while back.  The boys and I spent 3 long days painting, and it is finally done.

A mural4 - Crop.JPGAidan entered the contest a while back with this picture.

Original pictureHe was so proud and excited when he won the contest!  I hope he feels the same way at school tomorrow.  I must admit that the contest rules did not indicate that when your son or daughter wins, you will be painting the project on the wall!  Luckily we enjoy these kinds of projects from time to time.  It was a lot of work though.  The wall started a cream color, so first we painted it white.

white wallNext, we used a projector to draw the picture on the wall in pencil.

just wordsThen we sponge painted the sky background.

spongeFinally, we put the finishing touches on.  Dane and I are very proud of Aidan!

A&D1 - Crop.JPG

The project took 3 days because we had to let the paint dry in between steps.  We were also only allowed to paint after the kids were gone for the day.  I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken if the kids were in school!

Me & A1 - Crop.JPGIf you are ever in the 3rd and 4th grade school, take a look in the west wing.  My guy is now immortalized there “forever” according to the school principal.

Name on wall crop.JPGSo, I am wondering, did you visit your child’s school for American Education Week?  Did you like what you saw?



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